Now when using SwitchBot Hub 2, your old air conditioner, old TV, and old ceiling fans can be successfully transformed into smart home appliances in easy and simple ways. It also serves as an intelligent gateway hub for SwitchBot devices, allowing you to link products such as SwitchBot Bot, SwitchBot Lock, and SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam together. What’s more, you can also perform voice commands to control devices, great for when you’re lying in bed and don’t want to get up! Just say “Alexa, turn off the lights,” and your lights will turn off automatically. You can even use your Apple Watch to control your Air Conditioner.
When you’re in a rush to leave the house and realize the lights, TV, and Air Conditioner are still on, controlling multiple devices and appliances can be stressful and time-consuming . Whether you use your phone or voice control, you may feel anxious due to a lot of tedious steps, or maybe you are afraid your smart assistant won’t recognize your commands.
Moreover, what about children and the elderly who do not frequently use phones or smart speakers?
SwitchBot Hub 2 smart buttons are designed to solve this. With no complicated steps or need to wait for confirmation when using voice commands, a simple touch can turn off the lights, TV, and air conditioner,” all in one go, allowing you to leave easily and happily. Like a universal button, it can do whatever you want with just one press.
Today, let’s look at what the guys here at SwitchBot believe the best scenarios for using these smart buttons are, and how to set them up.

Here are four recommended scenarios when using smart buttons.

Say goodbye to chaotic mornings with our Leave Home scenario.

As mentioned above, the first recommended scenario from us our smart button would be Leave Home. If you have experienced a significant increase in your electricity bill this year, forgetting to turn off air conditioners and lights when leaving home will undoubtedly deal a heavy blow to your wallet. With our smart buttons, you can say goodbye to forgetting to turn off your air conditioner and just press the smart buttons found on a Hub 2 placed by entrance of your home, and it will turn off the air conditioner and lights for you. Moreover, in combination with SwitchBot Pan Tilt Cam and SwitchBot Bot, you can also turn off all the lights in your home and activate the camera’s security mode to protect your home.

Tips for quickly entering a working frame of mind.

How can you concentrate while working from home? A comfortable environment is undoubtedly important and could be the key to a good days work. When we work in a more comfortable environment, tension and fatigue decrease, and attention naturally improves. SwitchBot Hub 2 smart buttons can help you quickly create the most comfortable home environment before work in just seconds. Just tap once to turn on your desk lamp, Air Conditioner, and even your aroma diffuser with a smart plug. That’s right, creating a bright, cool, and fragrant working environment is that simple.

Make your own movie theater at home in an instant.

Tired after a long days work and want to just kick back and relax? lie down on the sofa, press the “Smart Buttons” of the SwitchBot Hub 2 on the coffee table, and the curtains will slowly close under the push of the SwitchBot Curtain. The ceiling light and projector will also respond to the infrared signals emitted by the Hub 2, and the ceiling light will gradually dim while the projector turns on. Enjoy your time in the “home theater” created in this way!

Need a better night's sleep? It starts here.

So imagine this, you’re reading in bed for a while and getting ready to sleep, you realize that the curtains are not closed, the air conditioning is not on, and the lights are not turned off. It’s too far to get up and turn off the lights, and the remote control is not within reach. The curtains are also a distance away from the bed. Well, what do you do? Just use the smart buttons on your SwitchBot Hub 2 placed on the bedside table. And turn off the lights, close the curtains, and even turn on the air conditioning all at once. It can also automatically adjust the air conditioning according to the temperature change during the night, creating a comfortable sleeping environment for you.

Setup is surprisingly simple.

Step 1
Enter your Hub 2 settings page and select smart button settings.
Step 2
Manually set your scene and select the necessary smart devices and products needed. For example, if you want to turn off the lights, air conditioning, and TV with one click when leaving home, select the corresponding products and corresponding actions.
Step 3
On the smart buttons selection page, select your manually created scene, and you’re done!

Some extra tips.

  • Both smart buttons are only used as triggers for manual scenes and can be configured at will.
  • Household appliances and devices will run at different times due to differences in home network environments.
And what’s more, there’s tons of functions to use. In the morning, you can use it to make the start to your day a little easier. When you come home, you can also press it to turn on the lights, open the curtains, and more. When playing games, you can use it to make the atmosphere around you better suited. There are many convenient ways to use, so… What’s your favourite scene? Let us know!