SwitchBot Lock is the best smart lock for apartments as well as for any other rental property as it creates a Safe, Secure, and Smart environment for you to live in.

Easy Installation

SwitchBot Lock is easy to install and it is compatible with a range of different locks with its adjustable base adapter and thumb turn adapter.

Multiple Ways to Unlock

The best smart lock always comes with multiple ways to unlock for you to choose. This smart lock will help you to eliminate the problem of misplaced keys by allowing you to unlock and lock your doors using a virtual key of your fingerprint, and passcode. However, you won’t need your keys anymore because the SwitchBot App for your phone, Apple Watch, or voice assistant will let you operate the door lock on your apartment or rental home. You can easily use the SwitchBot app on any iOS or Android smartphone to control and manage the door lock for your apartment or rental property as the setup for the SwitchBot app is quick, and its usage is straightforward.

Using Voice to Control Your Lock

The best smart lock always works with voice assistants to become more convenient. SwitchBot collaborates with industry leaders in the smart home sector. It works with all of the devices you adore and integrates smoothly into your current smart home. Connect your SwitchBot Smart Lock to Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or any other voice assistants to enable voice-activated locking, unlocking, and door status checking. This would be really useful for you to unlock your door whenever your hands are bound. Therefore, instead of controlling the door manually, You can simply use voice commands with SwitchBot Hub Mini. Using SwitchBot Hub Mini, you may remotely unlock your door as well. Excellent for letting friends or family members in or accepting deliveries.

Using Apple Watch or Touch to Unlock

Furthermore, You can operate SwitchBot Lock using your Apple Watch as well. If your SwitchBot Lock is paired with your Apple Watch, you can unlock or lock the door remotely from wherever you are and all it takes is a tap on your smart watch. This would be great for times when you might not have access to a smartphone. Not only that, SwitchBot smart lock allows Keypad and Keypad Touch to lock and unlock your doors, which are considered to be excellent options if you’re sick of using your phone to unlock your door and don’t want to bother carrying it with you at all times.


Get Notified When Someone Unlocks the Door

Tenants often only have access to their floor and the communal facilities, making apartment complexes frequently relatively safe. SwitchBot Lock, however, provides safety alert functions if you want a little more security. When someone tries to enter your apartment but is unsuccessful, your lock can notify it to you by a preferred method such as a text, email, or to the phone via the SwitchBot App. There won’t be any master keys that can enter your residence thanks to the use of a SwitchBot Lock. You may check event logs to see when SwitchBot Lock has been used, sign up for low battery notifications and real-time message alerts to stay informed about what your lock is doing at all times.

Smart Lock for apartments - alert notification

To make life a little bit easier, SwitchBot Lock helps you automatically lock your door when you leave or return home. In order to allow the entire family to come and go as they like, you can also share SwitchBot Lock with family members for them to operate via their smartphone.

Longer Battery Life

Additionally, the SwitchBot Lock has a long-lasting, high-quality motor that can withstand up to 50,000 lock cycles and has a 10-year lifespan. Moreover, without any doubt, you can enjoy a battery life of at least six months when using SwitchBot Lock, assuming that you use it ten times each day on average.


Therefore, you can easily eliminate your biggest difficulties about how to choose the best smart lock for apartments. SwitchBot Lock will not only offer excellent security but also take the hassle out of fumbling and looking for your apartment keys. No longer will you require a physical key to check on your home while you are away if you are already using the SwitchBot Lock.