Smart locks are appearing in homes now more than ever before, as people start to move away from keys and consolidate more and more of their life to their smartphones. So what’s life like without a key when you want to get through your front door? Well, for starters, you won’t have to worry about losing your keys anymore, which is great for those of you that are forgetful. It also means you don’t have to worry about accidentally locking yourself out. Trusting young ones with keys is now also a thing of the past (can’t remember how many times I was shouted at when I was younger, sorry mom), and as well as this, there might be some of us that aren’t as body abled and may find unlocking/locking all day to be a bit of a pain. But most of all, if you’re renting an apartment, taking apart locks, drilling, changing stuff around… Well, it sounds like a lot of hard work with the landlord, and I’m not even talking about the DIY part, you’ll end up sifting through pages and pages of contracts, and may run the risk of losing a portion of your deposit when you move out.

Don’t drill your way to rental hell.

When you sign a rental contract, there is always a clause in the contract that states you cannot damage or refurbish any facilities in the house. This provision alone makes a lot of us who rent unable to personalize the space we leave in, especially the convenience one might find when they use a smart door lock.

So what if your landlord is a little bit more understanding? Well, that’s great! But don’t forget there’s probably a strict condition that you’ll need to meet:

The appearance of your door lock must remain the same and the original key must be able to open the door. This is usually to allow the landlord to enter the property in case of an emergency such as a fire and what-not, so what smart lock can help solve this issue? Well, you guessed it, it’s us.

Door lock types vary from apartment to apartment.

That’s right, SwitchBot Lock is the answer to your smart lock questions. The medicene to your smart home headache, and that goes expecially for all you renters out there. Imagine this, your lease expires, the landlord comes around and, oh no! You’ve installed something on their lock. You’ve now got to restore the lock to its original appearance, or your deposit will be deducted. However, some locks that you might have removed earlier in the year might be long forgotten, and with no way to restore the old lock you replaced, you’ll be looking at a fine (boo). What’s worse, some apartments are relatively old.

So that’s why SwitchBot Lock is so important for rentals out there. When locks cannot be removed, you still need to be able to support original keys, and you need to be able to easily remove it when you move, than SwitchBot Lock really is a no brainer.

So, how does SwitchBot Lock solve the issues above?

3M glue installation method: no need to remove your lock, and no need to restore should you move.

Rear mounted structure: supports original keyholes and keeps landlords happy.

Latch switching, base height adjustment structure: adapts to more than 90% of the door locks on the market

Convenience is more important than practicality, and our 3M adhesive is still firm and secure too! You can check out this link to find out more.

At the same time, when disassembling, the 3M glue will not leave any residue on the door, so it can be easily taken to the next new home for use, amazing.

From now on, if you live in an apartment, there’s no need to worry about run-ins with the landlord when it comes to installing smart locks. And hey, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys ever again.