Picture this, your home is a mess, and so is your life… Now wait hold on. Forget the life part, anyways…

So you’ve got coffee, juice, milk, the works, all spilled on the ground and you’ve forgotten to clean for a while. It’s now sticking together on the ground and dust is starting to settle too. How do you clean it all up?

You might start preparing buckets, cleaning agents, soak a mop, maybe wring it dry, mop the floor, clean again, wring it dry, mop again, change water, and… Well, this is all a little bit tiring isn’t it? This small stubborn stain requires us to repeatedly clean it many times, which is time-consuming and laborious.

“Why not use a vacuum cleaner? It can also help you mop the floor too.”

Sound like a friend? Well ironically this just ends up making your home even dirtier. And if your mop gets dirty, it still drags coffee, juice, and runs it all around the house. Even worse, should it touch carpet, it will bring coffee and juice together!

This article will tell you how S10 and its mopping functionality helps solve these kind of difficulties that other sweepers cannot overcome.

Dirty mops? Who said anything about dirty mops?

Well it definitely wasn’t me. S10 includes an all-new RevoRoll™ Roller Mop that can clean itself using a real-time live water self-cleaning system.
Most of the robot vacuums on the market used disc-shaped (or flat) mops. Where the whole mop comes into contact with the ground, leaving no space for real-time cleaning. And if the mop cannot be cleaned in real-time, and also needs to clean the entire floor, then there’s a huge chance that you’re going to be spreading dirt around due to the fact your mop isn’t actually clean when it’s cleaning.
This is why S10 includes a new RinseSync™️ system. That helps clean S10’s Roller Mop in real-time at a frequency of up to 300 times/minute, and then gets rid of contanimated water all completely inside the main unit, recycling it out into the Auto-Fill & Drain Water Station
You might be wondering, how does the clean and dirty water cycle work? Before cleaning, S10 will first go to its Auto-Fill & Drain Water Station and receive clean water from your plumbing system and place it into the clean water tank located inside of S10. During the cleaning process, the Roller Mop first brushes the dirt on the ground, then the mop absorbs any water or liquid. At this point clean water sprays out from inside S10 onto the Roller Mop to clean the dirt from the mop and finally, a built-in scraper helps scrape off residual water and dirty water runs into a separate area inside S10 and waits for it to go back to the Water Station before discharging via a drain pipe.

So how can you clean stubborn stains? Well the answer is S10.

Yup, S10 works using high ground pressure with high-speed reverse rotation to achieve a more efficient kind of deep cleaning. See a core part of mopping isn’t just the cleaning, but also sometimes things need a bit of good ol’ fashioned elbow grease to get the job done, well… Not anymore because now all that so-called elbow grease is built into S10.
So how does it work? The rotation direction of S10‘s RevoRoll™ Roller Mop plays a crucial role in how cleaning becomes so effective, and is done by using an advanced form of wiping. During the mopping process, you’ll probably notice that the floor you’re cleaning is always stationary (kind of obvious I guess but just hear me out), and only the mop tends to move, and it’s usually in a forward motion. Now, if the direction of the mop is consistent with the direction the wheels are going in, then there’s no friction between the mop and ground. However, if the rotation direction of the mop is opposite to wheel direction, then cleaning the ground will become more efficient.

Scared of getting your carpet wet when your robot vacuum cleans up? We say, no more!

S10‘s RevoRoll™ Roller Mop automatically lifts when carpet is detected to prevent it from getting wet, thanks to a little something called Auto-Retract Technology.
For users with carpets at home, S10 is definitely the one. Equipped with ultrasonic sensors, SwitchBot S10 is easily able identify carpets and when detected, its Roller Mop stops rotating, the water spray pump stops, and the Roller Mop lifts inside to stop carpet from getting wet. Unlike other robot vacuums, with Auto-Retract Technology S10’s Roller Mop is completely built-in to the main device unit giving it enough space to pass across carpet without getting anything wet.
Not only that, when cleaning carpet you can use a higher vacuum level to sweep using a suction power of up to 6500Pa, to help deep clean carpet, and the adhesive brush included can also clean up particles on the floor, making S10 perfect for carpet cleaning.
Aside from all of the above, after cleaning is completed, S10 will return to it’s own Auto-Empty & Dry Station to dry itself too.
So why are you still even cleaning by hand? Leave time-consuming tasks to someone else, and that someone is SwitchBot S10.