What is a retrofit smart lock?

The retrofit smart lock is a lock smarter than the average lock. Are you interested to know the in-depth facts about it? We will discuss the reasons why you should have a Retrofit smart lock and speak aloud about the seven main ways to control it. Then, we will walk through how it would change your day-to-day activities as well. Let’s get started!

Reasons you should have a retrofit smart lock

  • To secure your resources
  • Consist of a long-lasting battery life
  • Turns out your home life smarter
  • Control your locks remotely

Where ever you reside, just some taps would control all the smart locks remotely. We ensure to remove the burden on your shoulders.

Introduce SwitchBot Smart Lock with 7-way control

  • OS Widgets: You can use the SwitchBot Hub Mini to get in control of the shortcuts through your smartphone.
  • Voice control: The smart assistants of voice control aids support the SwitchBot Hub Mini within just a voice away!
  • Apple Watch: Use the wristwatch to control the Retrofit smart lock
  • Bluetooth: Use the Bluetooth accompanied with the app to lock and unlock doors easily
  • Control Remotely: How to control the lock when you are not around? You can control it remotely with SwitchBot Hub Mini
  • NFC Tags: One of the handy and faster techniques to unlock the door
  • Physical keys: Are you a traditional person? We got you covered with physical keys

How SwitchBot Smart Lock changes your life

The SwitchBot Smart Lock ensures control of all your activities remotely. No matter where ever you’re, you can own everything at your fingertips.

Don’t worry about the installation and battery life. The installation as you have to simply rip and stick it. And the battery life is super long-lasting as well.

You can control the SwitchBot Smart Lock based on several ways such as remotely, through wristwatch, application, voice control, and many more!

We got you covered on all the important crook and crannies with SwitchBot Smart Lock.


In conclusion, you learned the importance of using the SwitchBot Smart Lock and how SwitchBot Smart Lock could change your life. So what are you waiting for? Enlighten us if you have any questions.