Have you ever gone out and forgotten your keys? Been washing dishes and wanted to let someone in but the kids are running riot? Maybe you are outside and want to let someone in remotely? Wait, did I lock the door? All the problems can actually be easily solved by using a smart lock.” How?” you say. Find out below:

It’s time to say goodbye to keys.

We’ve all been there… you’re in a rush to go out, you’re 110% sure your keys are right where you last left them, you feel your pocket but… Nothing. So here we now are, looking under beds, pulling apart sofas, going through a heap of unwashed clothes, and still no luck. By the time you find them, you’ve probably already slowly made your way towards 2023. Some find comfort in having a huge range of airbags, scattered around on keychains a bit like a bridge full of love locks, but is it really… Necessary? You may be thinking, “Well, I’ll just have a few more keys or buy an airbag.” And for some, that’s great, but has it ever occurred to you that you might not need a key at all? Smart locks can allow your phone to become your key and can eliminate that last-minute rush when trying to leave home.

Smart Locks_unlock your door by phone

Suitable for your whole family, especially children and the elderly.

So what if you have family members who don’t use a smartphone? Get a spare key and put it in your child’s school bag? Put a key under the carpet for parents to keep? Actually, none of this is necessary! All you need is Keypad Touch. Parents and children can use Touch ID to unlock your door without having to use their phones or even remember a passcode. You can also use your phone to check unlocking history to make sure they arrived home safely.

Smart Locks_suitable for your whole family

Your friends won’t have to wait for you at the door all day ever again.

Friends coming over but you’re stuck in traffic? Get ready for a moany friend and an hours worth of apologies (and maybe a coffee to compensate). Want to make life a little less stressful? Just share a one-time passcode with your friend. They can easily open your door with their one-time passcode and you won’t have to worry about someone always having access to your lock.

Smart Locks_unlock your door by passcode

Locked, or not locked. That is the question (that you probably ask yourself every day).

“Wait… Did I lock the door?” It seems to be an age-old question, and we’ve all been there. You’ve come home, your door looks locked, but, at the same time it almost seems to be left unlocked, should you go back and check? How many times have you left home and pondered the exact same question? In the end, it usually turns out to be just our own paranoia. But with smart locks, you can finally say goodbye to that anxiety. SwitchBot Lock helps your door lock automatically when you leave or come home. And with a Hub Mini, you can even check the status of your door lock anytime, anywhere.

Helps make things just that little bit more intuitive.

You’re doing the dishes, or maybe halfway through the last boss of that very last level on super hard mode and suddenly the doorbell rings and you’ve suddenly got (insert takeaway brand here) at the door. Game. All you need is just one simple voice command and you’re good to go. No need to put down your game controller, call out to others or put down those messy dishes. Yes, my friends, they say this is the future.

smart lock_voice control

“Wait… But I’m concerned about…”

Yup, there are probably a ton of concerns running around in your head. We get that, so let’s see if we can address some here.

Installation is too much hassle.

Um… Hello!? SwitchBot Lock can be installed in just a few steps if you’re looking for something simple (not our own words, shoutout to the media) and smart at the same time. All you have to do is peel, stick, and you’re done! We made a Youtube video once. If you’re interested, you can check it out here!

Are smart locks safe?

With SwitchBot Keypad Touch, there’s a wide range of ways to keep your home secure, with anti-peeping technology when entering your passcode, sound alarms to prevent theft, emergency passcodes, passcode protection methods, and more. “Oh, but it can be hacked?Well, no. SwitchBot Lock is encrypted using an AES-128-bit algorithm to keep your device and communication between devices safer. A simple search online should give you guys a rough idea of what AES is. Everything’s here with peace of mind put at the forefront to make sure you’re always at ease.

Aren’t smart locks expensive?

So there are a ton of smart locks on the market, but what makes SwitchBot Lock different from others? Well, apart from the fact that it’s easy to install, non-intimidating, and user-friendly, it’s also way more affordable for people looking to get a foot in the door (no pun intended) when it comes to building a smart home that is actually practical. SwitchBot Lock starts from just $99 (yes, that’s not a typo). And ranges from $99 – $169 depending on what combos you buy. Smart locks generally can go for up to $289 (insert brand name here, LOL), but they don’t have to be this expensive and that’s where we come in.

There’s 10% off anyway for making it to the end of this blog. Take it, ya never know, you must just need it! Just use code 10SMARTLOCK when checking out.

Get rockin’, get lockin’.