Winter’s coming, which means one thing and one thing only for most of us. Cold, cold, cold. And with the cold, comes bills, heating bills to be precise, (it ain’t getting cheaper out there, not in today’s economic climate by any means) and a host of unwanted coughs, colds, and unwanted health hazards. So how can we help make the winter a little bit easier to deal with? It’s probably time you took a look at Meter/Meter Plus…

Build a healthier home environment with the right temperature and humidity.

With cold weather, being able to check room temperature is super important for a more comfortable living environment, and can even save lives in some cases, especially if you’re looking to take care of older relatives. You might also need to keep an eye on temperatures in different rooms according to natural sunshine, ventilation and temperature change. So how exactly can we monitor temperature in a way that doesn’t have us running around holding thermometers frantically between random corners of our home? Or constantly having to phone our parents or grandparents to ask them if they’ve turned the heating on or not? SwitchBot Meter Plus, boom. There is it.

A great way to automatically control humidty in the winter (3)

Use data records to help regulate home radiators and save energy too.

So, lowering your radiator temperature at home is an easy energy saving option, but it needs to be adjusted, right? Like, having a set temperature range, and when said temperature maybe gets too low, for example, you can get notifications sent straight to your phone to let you know, and it’s Meter Plus and Hub Mini that is able to help you do that.

Use data records to help regulate home radiators and save energy too.

You can even analyze historical data, and get breakdowns according to day, month, or even year to check on how the temperature has been in whatever area of your home you’re monitoring, which is also exportable. A great way to use this would be for example, to see exactly when it’s coldest at home, or when perhaps it’s not as cold, and make adjustments accordingly.

SwitchBot Meter Plus_SwitchBot app_Use data records to help regulate home radiators and save energy

A great way to automatically control humidity in the winter.

As well as temperature at home during the winter, humidity also plays an important part of our health too. When humidity is low during winter, especially when at home, we might find that our skin is affected heavily, and can dry up much easier than it might do in the summer. This kind of dryness also can affect the through and nasal area too, which may lead to coughing and infections, nasty stuff!

So what’s the best way to prevent this kind of thing from happening?

You can use SwitchBot Humidifier, with Meter Plus, and Hub Mini to keep an eye on home temperature and humidity, and even have our smart humidifier turn on or off according to your set temperature and humidity range. Which makes it great no matter whether using it to take care of yourself or others (shoutout to mums and dads around the globe).

SwitchBot Meter_keep an eye on home temperature and humidity

Oh wait, there’s one more thing!

Our Meter, and Meter Plus APIs have now been made public, which means users are now able to add their devices to Home assistant by themselves! You can find out more about this by clicking here.

Meter Plus really is a great addition to any home for the winter, no matter who you are. And what’s more, you’ll be able to use it all year round, and in different scenarios all depending on how your home environment changes over time.