Building a home security system does not need to cost hundreds of dollars. Maybe you live in an apartment, and it is not a good idea to sign a contract for a period, or when you move out, you can’t take the products with you. Here are two solutions that cost less than $100 but are still very useful.

Home security system with cameras

Cameras are always the best way to monitor what is happening in your home, and you can get notifications if there are some movements. Cameras can be placed anywhere, living room, bedroom, garage, or your yard, as long as there are wifi connection and a power connection(you can also choose the pro security cameras that use wire for power and internet connection, but they will cost a lot more, and also the installation is quite complicated).

A home security camera vs. Pro security camera

Cheapest home security cameras recommendation

Here is a camera from SwitchBot that only costs $29.99 that you can use for monitoring and has motion notification.

home security system: The cheapest home security camera

There is also an upgrade version that can pan and tilt so that you can see a larger area, and it only costs $39.99 too.

$39.99 Pan Tilt home security camera

No camera home security solution, better privacy control

Some people worry that placing a camera might threaten your privacy, but you can still set up an effective home security system without cameras.

All you need are motion sensors/contact sensors together with Google Home or Alexa. Put the motion sensors near the door or the front window. When someone breaks in and triggers the sensors, Google Home or Alexa plays a loud alarm to scare out the intruders. Of course, you need a few setups on the App, and you can check the detailed instruction here.

Alexa intruder alert

If you use SwitchBot sensors, there is also an option to scare out intruders. SwitchBot has a Bot that automatically turns your light switch on or off once the sensors are triggered. Moreover, SwitchBot Bot can also press to open the fan for the radio with the routine.

How to choose a home security system?

With or without cameras, these home systems are super easy to install. You only need less than five minutes to install those devices, and they can provide your house effectively. But if you live in an area that’s not so safe, we strongly recommend you consider a more complicated home security system such as ADT, with a monthly fee of $55.97 to $60.97/month.