Our 2023 Prime Day event is approaching, which means, fun, fun, fun! And… Well, a huge amount of savings too. In order to help you buy the things you want, at a price that is pretty awesome… We have compiled a sneak peek at what’s to come including Combo flash sales, single-item promotion times, and discount prices, making it easy for everyone to lock (haha) in great deals in advance. What’s more, if you already own SwitchBot devices, you can get an exclusive extra discount via our app!

Take advantage of our SwitchBot official Combo Flash Sale, and save a whopping 40% off.

Already well into using our products? Or are you a seasoned smart home user? Using a different host of SwitchBot products together is a great way to unlock something special at home when it comes to home automation. So here are some specially selected product Combos for you guys to sink your teeth into that are not only simple… but intuitive too. Our Combo Flash Sales start on our official website from July 5th to July 10th PDT time.

Round 1 (July 4th, 20:00-24:00) PDT time

Round 2 (July 6th, 20:00-24:00) PDT time

Round 3 (July 9th, 20:00-24:00) PDT time

Amazon? SwitchBot official? Get 25% off sitewide!

Or maybe you have something more specific in mind? During our Prime Day promotion from July 11th to July 12th either via SwitchBot official or Amazon you can get 25% off whatever you want to buy. Here we have compiled a list of smart home essential items from users in 2023 for a little extra help if you’re not sure what to get.

Hub 2

Promotion price: CA$74.99 (was CA$99.99)
The newest member of the SwitchBot Hub series, SwitchBot Hub 2 now includes a ton of amazing upgraded features, and here are a few to get you started:
  1. Wi-Fi-enabled hygrometer: You can now view indoor temperature and humidity straight from your hub thanks to an all-new screen, or you can also use our app.
  2. Matter support: As a gateway hub, you can also make devices HomeKit compatible (such as SwitchBot Curtain, Blind Tilt, and SwitchBot Lock) thanks to Matter.
  3. Smart buttons and a light sensor, ya know, because we can: Customize our built-in smart buttons to trigger Scenes with just one click. And with a built-in light sensor, you can even use light conditions to open/close curtains and turn on lights.

Blind Tilt

Promotion price: CA$74.99 (was CA$99.99)
With an easy 3-step installation and solar charging people are able to make their blinds at home smart no matter how tech-savvy you are. It’s worth noting that after Hub 2 was launched, Blind Tilt is also now one of the first SwitchBot products to support Matter!

Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

Promotion price: CA$14.99 (was CA$19.99)
Compact, portable, and IP65 waterproof, Outdoor Meter does what it says on the tin. Perfect for outdoor use, it’s one of our best-selling products this year and can also be connected to SwitchBot Hub 2. You can directly see the temperature and humidity display of the Outdoor Meter placed outdoors on Hub 2.


Promotion price: CA$104.99 (was CA$139.99)
SwitchBot Lock is still the simplest Smart lock you can buy to install in your home, with a ton of great unlocking methods available.


Promotion price: CA$97.99 (was CA$129.99)
The world’s best (and easiest!) smart curtains now support Matter (SwitchBot Hub 2 required). iPhone users can directly control their curtains via Apple’s Home App, or create home automation scenarios with other products that support Matter or HomeKit, and can use Siri to control!

Meter Plus

Promotion price: CA$21.99 (was CA$28.99)
Meter Plus now supports the detection of professional temperature and humidity indicators such as absolute humidity, dew point temperature, and VPD, which can better help you prevent seasonal influenza and accurately grasp the status of crops and plants to help with planting. Nice!

Hub Mini

Promotion price: CA$37.99 (was CA$49.99)
Since its launch in 2019, Hub Mini’s vast infrared code library for home appliance remote controls has been upgraded almost every 6 months to expand compatibility. As of now, Hub Mini can support over 80,000 remote controls, making it convenient for users to control their home appliances such as TVs, projectors, soundbars, humidifiers, air conditioners, and more, all through our app or by using voice commands. Wondering exactly what devices are supported? Look here: Search for compatible infrared appliances.

SwitchBot App exclusives are here.

June 28th-July 4th, an extra 10%, just for $1! App users only!

Users can participate from June 28th to July 4th and purchase an additional 10% discount for $1 via our app!
Please note: This excludes Flash Sale products.

July 11/12th, a special kind of Flash Sale, just $9.

Get your hands on SwitchBot Hub Mini.
  • IR remote control hub.
  • Voice commands.
  • Control devices remotely.
Only 10 are available! 1 per person.
Just $9.99! Was $39.00
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