Just say the word.

What was it that first motivated you to start planting the roots of your smart home? Was it that random trip to Disney Epcot Center when you were younger? Maybe Tomorrowland wasn’t for you, and you’re more of a Tony Stark, love you 3000 voice control armor suit kinda person. Either way, voice commanded automation has been something that people have always been longing to be able to use. Fast forward to the present day, so how can we use our own smart home devices to make everything voice command compatible? And how exactly can they be used?

Automatically open your curtains in the morning.

Some of us might not usually get up at a fixed time every day, so all you gotta do is call out “Open my bedroom curtains.” When you wake up, and with SwitchBot Curtain and SwitchBot Hub Mini your curtains will open just like that.

Turn all your home lights off before sleeping at night.

Ok maybe you can’t save the marvel universe with this kind of automation, but it sure is a great way to save some time when you’ve come home from a long day at work, you’re super tired and are already laying on your bed about to get some well deserved shut-eye when you realise… The kitchen lights are still on, as are well… Every other light in your home. We all know using a mobile phone before going to bed affects sleep, so we’d generally say, don’t start using your phone to turn off your lights (I mean, with SwitchBot products, you can, we just think this way is a little better), and rather, you can simply call out to your smart home assistant and tell it to turn all the lights off. Not only that, it can also automate other devices too, all at the same time.

Adjust your air conditioner with ease.

When it gets hot in summer, I will always end up turning on my air conditioner, but sometimes I find myself waking up in the middle of the night due to the temperature in my room being too low. So what can we do? Well, fumbling around for your phone, or even a remote can be a little annoying, and loud. I mean, how many times have you reached for your phone at night in a pitch black room only to be met with the deafening sound of your phone hitting the ground, not to mention the fret of worrying if your phone screen has now been smashed into a thousand tiny little pieces. Now when using SwitchBot Hub Mini, all I’ve got to do is tell my smart assistant to turn the AC off, and I can be back in dreamland in no time sipping pina coladas on a beach somewhere warm.

What about some other basic voice commands?

Control Appliances

  • “Press coffee machine.” (SwitchBot Bot presses your coffee machine)
  • “Open my living room Curtains.” (Let sunshine inside in morning with SwitchBot Curtain)

Control Scenes

  • Use your voice to turn on Good Morning & Good Night scenes.
  • Turn on Movie Night scenes.

How to use voice control?

  • First of all, login to your Amazon Alexa/Google account in the Alexa/ Google app.
  • Open SwitchBot app, choose one of the devices that has already turned on the cloud service.
  • Tap Cloud Service and then tap Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant.
  • Follow the instructions to link your account.
  • Enjoy controlling your SwitchBot devices via smart speakers.

Link Your Amazon Alexa Account in SwitchBot App

Ok, that’s cool. How can I expand on this and make things even smarter?

Well, I’m glad you asked. As well as all that is mentioned above, you can even do things like:

  • Letting your stereo play the news at the same time every morning when a certain scene is in operation.
  • Have your smart assistant play Jazz music for about 10 minutes when your Good Night routine is executed.
  • Or even start anti-theft scenarios should your dog start barking when you’ve been detected as being away from home. Meanwhile, you can also receive notifications via smart speakers when you’re away from home in areas like the workplace whilst operating SwitchBot devices.
  • Delay between actions.

So these are just a few of the thousands upon thousands of possibilities that SwitchBot smart home devices can do for you. And well, we might not be Tony Stark, but we can definitely offer you a simple and easy way to make home life smart, and we love you 3000 too.

  • Please note:

Third-party services used need Cloud Services turned on in order to operate.

Devices that need a Hub to turn Cloud Services on: Bot, Curtain, Meter/Meter Plus, Contact Sensor, Motion Sensor, Blind Tilt, Lock

Devices that don’t need a Hub to turn Cloud Services on: Plug Mini, Cam, Humidifier, Color Bulb, Strip Light, Robot Vacuum