SwitchBot is innovatively changing the way of life. It is helping people to live in a smart home that ensures privacy, stress-free home management, and a better quality of life. And SwitchBot Mid-Year Sale is coming.

SwitchBot deals can offer you anything you need for smart home devices. Each SwitchBot deal provides a complete package for smart home devices and more straightforward automation.

SwitchBot coupon codes and SwitchBot deals are the best ways to transit into a smart home. These deals and coupons will help you in this transformation while ensuring more affordability.

Let’s start with a 50% off Flash Sale for four combos; then, we will introduce the 30% Off for all SwitchBot Combos :

50% Off Flash Sale for four combos

4-Bot Combo:

This Combo is available on 7th July. You’ll get 50% Off for four bots and two remotes from SwitchBots.

Family Combo:

Available on 7th July, the family combo includes :

Not only, but this offer includes as well :

  • LED strip light: is easy to install, and controllable from the SwitchBot application.
  • Pan/Tilt Cam: this cam is easy to control from your phone. That way, you can always know what happens when you are out of your home.
  • Tag: helps to turn off all home appliances.

4 Curtain Combo:

This offer will be available on 11th July! The four curtain Combo includes four SwitchBot curtains, and 2 Hub mini, which we will introduce as well

Curtain Advanced Combo :

This offer will also be available on 11th July. And it includes:

  • 2 Curtains;
  • 2 Tags;
  • 2 Solar panels;
  • Hub mini.

You may ask yourself, what are those combos? And what are they used for! Without any further ado, we will introduce it right now!

30% Off for all SwitchBot Combos, and Get one Bot for FREE.

1. Curtain starter combo:

You can now open or close your curtains from your bed! Or even remotely. How? With 、SwitchBot Curtain!

You can set up your curtains and set the time for them to open and close. It takes no more than 30 seconds to install. And all you have to do is download the SwitchBot app on your phone and control your curtains afterward.

This little device can push curtains up to 8 kg! It is also rechargeable with the SwitchBot Solar Panel (sold separately).

The Mini Hub is easy to use, and you connect all your SwitchBot products to this device. You can place it anywhere as it is USB powered. It’s also compatible with Wi-Fi. It is controllable via Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT.

With this device, you’ll be sure to turn off all your lights and air conditioning, but also know that no one has snuck into your house.

2. Bot starter combo:

Want to turn a switch on or off without having to move?

SwitchBot Bot is a smart button pusher for your home. It is effortless to use. Just stick it next to any switch. It also has a long life span; its battery can stay active for 600 days.

It is programmable on the SwitchBot application. It’s even controllable by voice input, working well with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT.

This Combo contains a Bot, a universal, but also a Hub Mini that you can place anywhere and with which you can associate all your SwitchBot products.

Bot starter combo

3. Smart Lock combo:

This Combo contains a Smart Lock , a Hub mini, and a Keypad!

The SwitchBot Lock is a simple approach to upgrading your existing door locks. It promises to convert your old locking system without needing to retrofit it. Bluetooth powers this new smart home lock system and can help users lock, control, or open the lock via a smartphone or Apple Watch. The smart lock is compatible with most deadbolt locks and provides 3D printed accessories for further compatibility.

The Hub Mini is easy to use. You can connect all your SwitchBot products with this device. You can place it anywhere as it is USB powered. It’s also compatible with Wi-Fi. It is controllable via Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT.

While the SwitchBot Keypad is very effective. You can then add a password and use your fingerprint or card to unlock your door. In addition, Switch Bot provides original keys if needed. Plus, this keypad is waterproof, stays lit at night when there is no light and is powered by a battery that lasts 17520 hours!

Lock Combo

4. Curtain combo :

This Combo comes in two options:

The curtain and the Hub Mini:

Installation is easy and takes only 30 seconds. And all you have to do is download the SwitchBot app via your phone and control your phone from wherever you are.

Also, they are controllable via Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT. With these devices, you will turn off all your lights and air conditioning, but you’ll also know that no one has snuck into your home.

Curtain Combo

The curtain, the hub mini, the meter, and the remote

We have introduced you to SwitchBot’s curtain and hub mini. What are the meter and the remote?

The indoor meter uses a Swiss-made sensor to provide accurate and reliable data monitoring.

It has a variety of installation methods, such as vertical placement, magnetic suction, and gluing, allowing you to use it easily on any occasion.

It has a Bluetooth function, allowing you to monitor temperature and humidity on the SwitchBot app remotely.

SwitchBot adds remote control to this Combo. It is compatible with the SwitchBot curtain but also with the Bot.

5. Solar panel combo:

This Combo comes with a rechargeable panel and SwitchBot Curtain built-in battery for eight months. You can control it via the SwitchBot app controls to open and close shades at the touch of a button.

Once the solar panel is connected to the SwitchBot shade, you don’t need to load it again!


6. Switchbot meter plus Combo

This Combo includes a meter and a Mini hub that you can control from the SwitchBot app and are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT.

7. Bot combo:

This Combo includes a Bot, a Hub Mini, and a meter, but also a remote that is compatible with the SwitchBot curtain and the Bot.

Bot Combo

8. Sensor combo:

The motion sensor of SwitchBot can detect your body movements up to 9 meters.

You can customize it and either increase or decrease the sensitivity settings. If you don’t want to get tons of messages, we advise you to lower the settings.

In addition, the Motion sensor works perfectly with Echo devices. When connected to the SwitchBot Mini Hub (sold separately), Alexa will alert you when the motion sensor detects your movements.

In this Combo, the Motion sensor is accompanied by the contact sensor.

The SwitchBot contact sensor ensures your safety.

It can detect all movements, including the opening and closing of doors, day and night. Thanks to its high-end technology, it is equipped with a light sensor that lights up every time there is movement.

It is controllable from the mobile app. And if a suspicious person enters the house while you’re away, you’ll get a warning on your phone.

Alexa will play an alarming voice to scare off burglars so your flat is protected.

SwitchBot Sensor Combo

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