Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, with smart devices that can be controlled remotely permeating everything from lighting to appliances. “Smart drapes” refer to curtains and drapery that can be opened, closed, or adjusted automatically via remote control, smartphone apps, voice commands, or preset schedules and timers. If you’re interested in adding some automation to your window coverings, here’s an overview of what smart drapes are, why they can be beneficial, and different ways to make your existing or new curtains “smart.”

What are Smart Drapes?

Smart drapes utilize motorized tracks, rods, or integrated motors within the curtains or drapery itself to control opening and closing. This allows them to open and close at scheduled times, such as in the morning to let in natural light or in the evening for privacy and insulation. Smart drapes can also integrate with home automation systems and devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice control. For example, you can say, “Alexa, close the living room drapes” to activate motorized closing.

Smart Drapes

Why are Smart Drapes Beneficial?

There are several advantages to automating your window drapes:

  • Convenience – Smart drapes can open and close automatically at set times or on voice command, even when you’re not home. This allows you to control sunlight, privacy, and insulation without having to do it manually.
  • Energy saving – By closing drapes at night or when not home, smart drapes can reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. This can lead to savings on home energy bills.
  • Light-blocking – Automatically closing blackout drapes in bedrooms can make sleeping in easier by blocking early morning light.
  • Privacy and security – Smart drapes can be scheduled to close at night for privacy and security reasons, giving the appearance of someone being home even when you’re away.
  • Integration – Smart drapes sync with other smart home devices for seamless control and automation.
Smart Drapes

How Can I Automate My Existing Curtains?

If you don’t want to purchase new smart drapes, there are options for adding automation to your existing curtains:

  • Smart Rails/Rods – Some companies make motorized curtain rods that can open and close curtains via app control. These smart rails can replace existing rods.
  • Retrofit Products – Another option is to use retrofit products like Switchbot Curtain. They add Wi-Fi motors to your existing curtain tracks, which allows you to control curtains remotely.

When automating existing curtains, make sure to get a solution that is compatible with your specific curtains and windows. Measure correctly and consider details like hardwired power versus battery power. With SwitchBot’s curtain automation products, you can easily motorize manual curtains for under $100 in many cases. SwitchBot offers affordable and easy-to-install options to add automation to existing curtains.

Smart Drapes

If Ready for New Smart Drapes…

If you’re ready to invest in new automated drapery, make sure to look for options with these smart features:

  • App and voice control – Opt for drapes that can be controlled through a smartphone app and voice-controlled assistants like Alexa. This allows you to open and close drapes remotely or with voice commands for the ultimate convenience.
  • Timer and schedules – The ability to pre-set opening and closing times is essential for automation and convenience. Look for drapes that can be scheduled to open and close at specific times each day.
  • Remote operation – Control your drapes when away from home for privacy, security, and energy savings. Drapes that can be controlled from anywhere give you access even when you’re not home.
  • Lightblocking – For bedrooms, blackout drapes that fully block light are ideal. Light-blocking smart drapes will keep bedrooms nice and dark for sleeping.
  • Smooth and quiet operation – Seek drapes with motors designed for smooth, quiet operation when opening and closing. Noisy motors can be disruptive.
  • Durability – Make sure the drapes are well-made and designed to handle regular automated operation without wearing out quickly. Check reviews on longevity.
  • Power options – Consider battery-powered versus hardwired drapes to suit your needs. Batteries allow for easier installation, while hardwired means no batteries to change.

Investing in smart drapes with features like robust apps, scheduling, remote access, and light-blocking capabilities can provide major home automation benefits if you’re ready to upgrade your window treatments.

Of course, you can still choose to buy non-intelligent curtains and then pair them with SwitchBot Curtain, which can also achieve curtain automation and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Smart Drapes


Today’s smart home technology now extends to your window drapes through automated curtains and drapery. Smart drapes can provide convenience, help save energy, improve security, and integrate with the rest of your smart home ecosystem. Adding automation to existing curtains or investing in new smart drapes can take your home to a new level of connectivity and convenience.

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