Cigar lover? As you probably know, picking a decent cigar humidor is important for every cigar enthusiast. A good humidor is the perfect way to keep your cigars in great condition and ready for use and it also keeps your cigar within the right level of humidity by evaporating water that may cause damage to your prized possesions over time.

Nevertheless, this is probably half of your struggle, as not only do you have to make sure you are storing your cigars in the right place, you also need to make sure that the conditions they’re left in are regulated and don’t change. The last thing you want is to leave them inside, and suddenly 3 months down the line something goes wrong, right? SwitchBot Meter Plus is definitely worth a mention, especially if you’re looking for a smarter way to keep on top of said environment, without having to worry about your cigars being ruined. You see, with Meter Plus, you can monitor temperature and humidity all at a glance using this smart meter, all through our app.

SwitchBot Meter Plus also features a 3-inch LCD display to enable users to check temperature and humidity readings easily and it also comes with a durable stand and a magnet to allow you to place it anywhere for easy viewing. You can put Meter Plus in a number of different places, the refrigerator when cooking in the kitchen, or on your bedside table when you’re using it in the bedroom, or even place it on outdoor tables should need be.

Best digital hygrometer for humidors - place the meter anywhere

SwitchBot Meter Plus is compact, user-friendly, and accessible. It’s also built for our SwitchBot Ecosystem, which means it’s compatible with other SwitchBot smart devices too and allows you to get real-time notifications and reminders regarding indoor temperature and humidity at all times.

Best digital hygrometer for humidors - get notified in time

As well as all this, you can also use Meter Plus to:

  • Take care of infants: Just place one in your baby’s room to monitor indoor temperature and humidity levels. This is definitely useful for infants that are more sensitive to temperature, or for little ones who may have more sensitive skin that can be affected by humidity.
  • Help greenlife thrive: You can also put Meter Plus in greenhouses to keep track of temperature and humidity to give crops a proper environment to thrive in.
  • Keep tabs on your bedroom environment: Using smart alerts, SwitchBot Meter Plus can also notify you when your ideal room temperature is out of range and then automatically switch on your air conditioner.

No matter where you put it, SwitchBot Meter Plus is definitely something worth considering if temperature is important to you, especially those of you who perhaps have allergies, are worried about the effect of humidity on health, or perhaps you’re just trying to look after fragile things that may be affected by temperature at home (like cigars for example).