Winter is just around the corner, and with the cold comes cost, and to be more precise, heating bills. So how can you save as much on heating as possible in the cold winter months and still feel comfortable? Well, it’s time to take a look at SwitchBot Meter/Meter Plus…

Set the right temperature and save instantly on heating costs.

Remember, every degree less used on heating at home saves about 6% of energy. There are also different optimal indoor temperatures for different rooms around your home.

With Meter Plus‘s alarm notifications, you’ll be able to be reminded when heating must be adjusted should the temperature reach a certain level. For example, you can set it to remind yourself to turn off the heating when the temperature in the bedroom is above 25°C. When using Hub Mini you can also be set to send an alarm and turn on your heater should room temperature drop below 15°C, so you’ll always be able to stay in control of your home temperature environment.

For devices such as air conditioners, heaters or ovens with infrared remote controllers, we can first let the Hub Mini learn how to control these infrared devices, and then the temperature of the room in which the device is located in can be monitored using Meter Plus/Meter and automatically controlled by setting scenes via our app. If you are not at home, you can also save energy by remotely switching off the infrared devices via Hub Mini.

Automate home life using Scenes with other SwitchBot products when using Hub Mini.

Meter Plus + Hub Mini + Humidifier:

This allows you to set your humidifier to turn on and off automatically when humidity is above or below a certain level to save unnecessary electricity bills.

Meter Plus + Hub Mini Curtain:

This setup allows you to set your curtains to open automatically when room temperature drops below a set range during the day, allowing the sun to heat your room instead of the heater.

Meter Plus +Hub Mini + Bot:

What about quickly ventilating your bathroom when it is full of moisture after a shower? You can set SwitchBot Bot to automatically press your bathroom fan switch when humidity reaches over 70%. And when the humidity drops back down to 50%, your bathroom fan can turn off automatically (All push-button controlled heating and air conditioning controls etc. can be automatically turned on and off by Bot in conjunction with Meter Plus and Hub Mini).

So these are just a few ways in which SwitchBot Meter can make life a little easier. And guess what? Meter Plus won this year’s Good Design Award!

Do you also have ideas for saving energy? Join our campaign, share your tips and you could win a prize. Start your energy-saving journey with Meter Plus now!

How to participate:

Post your own winter energy saving tips or some energy saving ideas using Meter/Meter Plus on any of our social media platforms using the hashtag #EnergyChallenge and @ us.

Competition giveaway will take place between the 14th of November to the 5th of December 2022

10 lucky users will be selected and can win a small gift. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s go.

More about #EnergyChallenge

We’ve teamed up with IFTTT and well-known YouTubers, other tech companies, and your next door neighbour to create a year-long challenge, that asks the community to connect their devices, in ways that save energy, money and the environment.

You can find out more about it by checking here.