Every time our devices are updated to be Matter compatible, we always hear a ton of great things from our users, which is one of our favorite things about our job.
We’ve seen support being added for SwitchBot Curtain, Blind Tilt, and SwitchBot Lock. But we know that this is not enough, and everyone’s voices are telling us that SwitchBot Hub 2 can still be better!
  • “Awesome – Matter support for the bots next please”.
  • “Appleのホームアプリでハブ2経由の赤外線操作できないんですね。”
  • “開閉センサーとかも全部Home Appで操作できるんですか?”
  • “Is your hub with IR blaster not compatible with HomeKit?”
Yup, we are proud to say, we did it again. Allow us to reintroduce Hub 2, which is an intuitive smart home hub that better supports Matter, and now also includes universal infrared support for Matter too. From now on, you can directly control most of your SwitchBot products in the Home app!

Better Matter support.

There are currently up to 6 Switchbot Bluetooth products that support Matter. SwitchBot Bot, as well as its security products, SwitchBot Motion Sensor and SwitchBot Contact Sensor, will all now work together to support Matter through SwitchBot Hub 2.

Lying in bed and realized you've forgotten to turn off the lights? Just swipe.

A simple way to control old switches and make them more intelligent, SwitchBot Bot can now be controlled via HomeKit through SwitchBot Hub 2 support. This now means, if you have already fallen asleep at night and forgot to turn off the lights, you can slide down the control center of your iPhone and click on your SwitchBot Bot to turn off the lights remotely. Of course, if you want to wake up early in the morning, you can also set a light to turn on at 7 am to wake you up!
In addition, SwitchBot Bot, due to its convenience, can replace your fingers to help you make many old appliances smart, which means that your Home App can actually control these devices throughout your home.
For example, garage doors, computer host switches, fans, central air conditioning control panels, washing machines, water heater switches, and so on.
Yes, you heard me right! Starting today, you can use the Home App to control everything!

So goodbye to constantly forgetting to turn off your lights or air conditioning when you leave home.

Seem to be faced daily with the question of whether or not you’ve actually remembered to turn off your air conditioning at home. Or maybe, you’re always forgetting to turn off the lights at home.
You can now use Apple’s Home app to set scenarios such as Leaving Home and use SwitchBot Contact Sensor via HomeKit to use in the Home App as part of this scenario, so that when you open your door when leaving, you’ll be able to automatically close your lights, curtains, and air conditioning, all automatically.

Entering the bathroom at night in pitch-black darkness? We say, no more!

Remember how painful it used to be (and sometimes in a more literal sense) to go to the restroom late at night in complete darkness, feeling with both hands forward in a pitch-black room, pacing by the wall over and over again, then finally reaching for the switch. If only we could enter our bathrooms in light without all the fuss. Now you can use Motion Sensor with a SwitchBot Bot in the Home App to easily set up automation for turning off and turning on toilet lights. For example, between 10 pm to 2 am, if someone is detected in the hallway, your bathroom light can automatically turn on and help light the way for you.
Of course, moving this scene to a living room can also serve as a safety measure for you to protect your home. SwitchBot Motion Sensor can help you monitor the status of your home in real-time. If someone comes in at a certain time, your lights can automatically turn on, and the Homepod Mini will sound an alarm to scare off intruders.

Now better supports infrared remotes using Matter.

Hub 2 now not only just supports the on/off function of IR devices via Matter, but more support for remotes has been added to enable your to better control your devices.

Monitoring home temperature? Control your air conditioning directly through the Home app. Oh yeah!

Thanks to the temperature and humidity sensor of SwitchBot Hub 2, any air conditioner/thermostat added to the Home app is different from the smart remote control feature of other manufacturers. It will not show that the ambient temperature is 0 degrees Celsius at that time, but will display the ambient temperature in real-time.
As such, you can adjust the temperature by watching the ambient temperature in the Home app. For example, when the ambient temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius, you can choose to adjust the air conditioning temperature to 22 degrees Celsius to quickly cool down, without worrying about how many degrees the air conditioning needs to be adjusted now.

If its IR signal can be learned via Hub 2, it can be added to the Home app!

Any infrared appliances added through Smart Learning and model matching via SwitchBot Hub 2 can be directly controlled through the Home app, no matter whether it’s a TV, fan, or a light.
Yes! Now imagine how exciting it’s going to be when you use an iPhone, iPad, iWatch, or Homepod Mini to natively control all the old appliances in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

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1.How to set up Matter with SwitchBot Hub 2?
You can quickly learn how to complete the setup by using the following two links. How to set up Matter with SwitchBot Hub 2(iOS) How to set up Matter with SwitchBot Hub 2(Android)
2.What app and firmware version for Hub 2 do I need to be able to use this?
Make sure you’re using SwitchBot app 7.4 or above. Hub 2 should be using the firmware version 1.0-0.9.
Other devices should be using the following firmware versions (or later):
SwitchBot Curtain: 4.6
SwitchBot Bot: 6.4
SwitchBot Locks: 5.8
3.How many SwitchBot devices can I add to the Home app using Matter?
A total of 8 can be added, this is made up of 6 SwitchBot devices, as well as Hub 2’s built-in temperature and humidity sensors functions.
4.How will the button mode of SwitchBot Bot be displayed via the Home app?
It should show up as a light switch display.
5.Why does my air conditioning not support the dehumidification functionality?
Matter device types do not support this feature.
6.Why are infrared appliances other than Air Conditioners only able to be turned on/off?
Matter does not support this feature.
7.Why is the Motion function of SwitchBot Contact Sensor not synchronized with its button?
Support for this will be added in later iterations after being supported by Matter itself.
8.Why are infrared appliances such as televisions and lights added as a Socket Icon in the Home app?
Due to the lack of a clear corresponding device type for devices added via Matter, currently, only the socket type can be used for such devices to support controlling on/off.
9.Which infrared appliances can be controlled using HomeKit through Hub 2?
Infrared appliances that can be controlled through both Smart Learning and manual setup can be controlled through the Home app.
10.Will any infrared-controlled air conditioner set via the Home app’s user interface randomly jump?
Homepod Mini 16.5 does not experience this issue, however, Homepod 16.6 may experience a cooling and heating mode switch, which may fail. This may need to be tried multiple times. During the testing process, it was found that there was a compatibility issue with Apple Home’s Matter, and we are actively providing feedback to Apple for solutions. We also tested with Google Home and found no similar issues.

And so we continue to move forward for a better Matter experience.

Matter is constantly developing, and SwitchBot products are also constantly growing. Our aim is to make smart homes easier, and more simple for everyone. We want a better experience for everyone, and so we continue to move forward and will look at even more Matter related updates in the future. Let’s go!