No matter whether you’ve owned a smart lock before or not, one of the first things that comes into our minds is usually battery life… What happens if we forget to replace batteries? Will I end up locked out of my home?
Lock Pro helps you eliminate this concern throughout the entire process, from battery types to low battery reminders, and even emergency protocols.

14. Now uses more commonly found batteries.

Many rear-mounted smart door locks are made for design purposes only, using a CR-123A battery to make the design as small as possible.
However, it is only when replacing the battery that you’ll find things are as easy as they should be, and it may take a long time to purchase replacements online.Lock Pro boldly adopts a more common AA battery, focusing on practicality.

15. Still not enough? Try Unlimited battery life.

Sometimes, even when using AA batteries, some of us still might have a little anxiety about device power.
Lock Pro uses a completely new relay power-supply scheme with an AB rechargeable battery, independently powered, when battery A runs out, it can be taken out for charging, while B battery provides relay power. This cycle is repeated to achieve an infinite battery life experience.

16. Automatic low battery level reminders.

Well, if that wasn’t enough, Lock Pro will also be able to remind you to change batteries when your battery level is below 20%, every time you unlock your door, a battery change alarm will sound to remind you that your battery is low. If combined with Hub 2, it will also remind you through our app!

17. Still, forget to replace your batteries? It ain't over yet!

When using a smart lock one might also encounter a host of unexpected situations that daily life might bring, such as suddenly going on a business trip when the battery is already at 20%.
Well, we also considered situations like this when starting the Lock Pro design process. And so Lock Pro also supports passive power unlocking, which means even if your battery is low, there is still a chance to unlock your door. This feature is particularly practical in low-temperature areas during winter when battery performance is affected by low temperatures.

18. If all else fails, you can still use your key.

What if the battery is completely dead in the rarest of rare cases? Lock Pro’s unique retrofit solution retains the ability to unlock the door using the original key. In such a situation, you can still use your original key to unlock and enter.
What should I do if a hacker tries to take control of my smart lock?
Due to the integration of smart door locks into our home networks, many consumers are concerned about what to do if they install smart door locks themselves and hackers steal control.

19. AES-128 bank-level encryption.

The entire data transmission link between Lock Pro adopts AES-128 bank-level encryption. If we assume that a supercomputer can try all possible key combinations within one second, the time required to crack AES-128 will exceed the age of the universe (LOL). Specifically, it requires 2^128 attempts to find the correct passcode. This number is approximately 3.4 x 10 ^ 38, which is… a very large number (sorry, I’m no mathematician).
What if I accidentally press a button and remotely unlock Lock Pro?
When designing Lock Pro, we looked into what might happen during daily life to try and combat accidents.

20. Remote control unlocking confirmation.

When clicking on your device to unlock via the SwitchBot app homepage, if you are not within the Bluetooth range of Lock Pro, a second confirmation reminder for unlocking will pop up to avoid accidental unlocking.

21. Quick Key's anti-accidental touch design.

Lock Pro has seen the addition of Quick Key, which helps unlock Lock Pro with just one tap. Great for when you are carrying many items when going out. Of course, there are also some concerns about being too convenient. And we’re usually asked the question:
“Isn’t it possible for children to go out more freely in this way?”
We have also considered this, and as such, you are now able to turn off the Quick Key altogether via our app or set Quick Key to unlock by double-clicking to avoid accidental touching.

22. Just in case, there's an emergency unlock too!

There will always be unexpected events in life, and we want Lock Pro to make everyone more at ease. We have set up a forced unlock function. This means if you find yourself in a situation where your lock cannot be unlocked, start a forced unlock, and Lock Pro will enter the forced unlock state to help you unlock your home door!
In order to further reassure everyone that’s reading, we also provide telephone support services, so that when encountering problems, we will provide solutions as soon as possible to help you out. If you have any other doubts or feedback about our SwitchBot Lock Pro, please feel free to contact us. We will actively listen to your suggestions and continuously work on making this product better.