We believe that SwitchBot Lock Pro can only fully reach its full potential when paired with Keypad Touch. However, maybe the fact that it supports passcodes, NFC cards, and fingerprint unlocking brings up some concerns for some people.
Can passcodes be cracked? What should I do if I lose my NFC card? Can fake fingerprints open my smart lock? Will someone take away the Keypad Touch installed outside the door?
We have fully considered these factors and there are many aspects to the design of Keypad Touch that can provide peace of mind for everyone when using it.
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7. NFC cards are encrypted and can also be remotely unpaired.

For children and the elderly, NFC cards are one of the best ways to unlock, as using a card can be a little bit easier than more complicated passcodes and removes the need to use a smartphone. But a lot of people tend to worry about losing cards.
Our NFC Card is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about being easily copied. At the same time, when you know that an NFC card has been lost, you can unpair it through our app immediately too.

8. Continuous passcode/fingerprint errors will result in device locking!

We often see scenes in movies where thieves try multiple times to break a safe passcode and successfully enter. SwitchBot Keypad Touch passcodes support 6-12 digit configurations and the longer the password, the more difficult it is to crack. After 5 consecutive failed attempts, it will automatically lock and cannot be attempted again.

9. Enter passcodes without worrying about others looking over your shoulder.

Many times when we enter a passcode, someone may accidentally see it and then record the passcode to try to get up to some mischief. With Keypad Touch, you can use virtual passcodes to help solve this problem. You can enter a continuous 20-digit passcode, and as long as there are consecutive digits that are the correct passcode you set, you’ll be able to unlock it. This means even if nosy neighbors are watching whilst you enter your passcode, they’ll never be able to know exactly which digits are correct, genius!

10. Only your actual fingerprint can unlock your door, no fakes allowed.

In the movie Ant-Man, there is a classic scene where the Ant-Man replicates a professor’s fingerprint and then opens the door to the safe. This situation would be impossible to occur with Keypad Touch (sorry, Ant-Man). Keypad Touch uses bioelectricity recognition technology, and copied fingerprints that isolate bioelectricity cannot be recognized and used to unlock.

11. Is someone shady trying to cause trouble when you open your lock?

Although this is a very extreme and rare case to encounter, in case it happens, you are also able to use emergency fingerprints with Keypad Touch to open your door, and then notify an emergency contact via our app and send an email to notify them you need assistance.

12. Suitable for all kinds of weather.

Since, after all, Keypad Touch is a product that needs to be used outside, we’ve made sure it’s still able to work in strong winds, rain, and sun resistance performance goes without saying. With an IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating, you’ll be able to use this outside with no worries at all.

13. If forcefully disassembled, Keypad Touch will emit an alarm.

Due to the fact Keypad Touch is located on the outside of the home, many people are also concerned that people might want to forcefully remove it. And so, when removed, Keypad Touch will emit a very sharp noise as an alarm.
In the next part of this series we will look at introducing SwitchBot Lock Pro’s battery life. If you have any good ideas, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section. We will actively listen to your suggestions and give all feedback to our product development team!