More and more people are using smart door locks to break free from the constraints of keys. Whether it’s yourself, your children, elderly family members, or even friends, we can all now easily enter and exit our homes with smart door locks. I mean… Who wouldn’t love this kind of convenience? Some of us may also be quite concerned about security when it comes to smart door locks. Which usually leads to the same type of questions: What could hackers do if they steal control of smart door locks?Are smart door locks really reliable? If the battery runs out of battery, wouldn’t I be locked out? Some of you might live in apartments and want to install a smart door lock, but it seems that there is nothing on the market that is suitable, after all, landlords generally won’t allow us to replace the entire door lock. There are many concerns around peace of mind and safety, but I think the people who designed SwitchBot Lock Pro considered this during the product design stage. So here are 22 ways you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind when using our newest smart lock! We are going to break this down into a three-part series. With part 1 introducing Lock Pro and its secure design, installation settings, and door lock status control!

Afraid of retrofit locks might fall off your door?

SwitchBot Lock Pro has further upgraded its installation procedure, and has launched the most suitable solutions available for North American and European locks.

1. Tighter screws for greater peace of mind.

For more commonly found deadbolt-type locks in North America, we made installation a little easier by replacing the inner part of the deadbolt, removing the need to replace your entire door lock. As such, when compared with the original SwitchBot Lock, we have effectively overcome issues seen when an insufficient amount of paint is on the door. For the European region, when your lock cylinder protrudes more than 3mm, you can use a screw fastening solution for installation, which is also a little more reassuring.

2. Upgraded 3M adhesive.

Of course, when the protruding part of your lock at home is less than 3mm, Lock Pro also provides an upgraded 3M adhesive solution, which, combined with a combination of adhesive aid and pressure retaining tape, maximizes adhesion.Tests done in-house for demonstration purposes only, different adhesion results may vary.

Did I lock my door? Has my door been closed yet?

I don’t know if everyone has the same feeling as me. Every time they go out and close the door (usually when rushing to work) I get about halfway, then I start scratching my head and think, “Did I actually lock my door?”. Well, with SwitchBot Lock Pro and Hub 2, you can say goodbye to this concern.

3. Check lock status records clearly.

Locking and unlocking, as well as the method used, and any abnormal statuses, will all be recorded via our app. A quick glance at your Lock Pro log will clearly reveal everything.

4. Not only can lock status be monitored, but door status too.

Unlike other smart door locks, SwitchBot Lock Pro utilizes geomagnetic sensing technology in conjunction with a Door Sensor to help you control the status of your door. Whether it is open, ajar, or closed, you’ll be able to know in just seconds.

5. Device not locked properly? Door not closed? You’ll get an alarm to let you know.

Find it troublesome to check on our app all the time to see what’s going on with your door? Don’t worry, SwitchBot Lock Pro has a built-in alarm. If you don’t close your door or lock it properly, Lock Pro will emit an alarm to remind you within a specified time.If combined with Hub 2, you can also receive notifications even on your way to work. When you go out, if you close your door and lock it properly, you will be notified.If there is any abnormality with your home door when you’re at work, you will also be notified.

6. A more secure Auto-Lock design.

A lot of smart door locks on the market are automatically locked with a countdown timer, for example, locking automatically within a 3-second time period.But users might find problems during use, even though your door is not closed properly, devices might still count down to close your door, making users mistakenly think that the door is locked properly, but in fact, it is not locked at all. Lock Pro can solve this problem by working with a Door Sensor to automatically lock only when your door is closed, providing better peace of mind.

In the next part of this series, we will look at introducing SwitchBot Lock Pro‘s battery life. If you have any good ideas, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section. We will actively listen to your suggestions and give all feedback to our product development team!