When the summer heat hits, it’s a battle to keep our homes cool without watching our energy bills soar. This is where SwitchBot steps in, offering a refreshingly simple yet effective way to manage your home’s climate. With an array of easy-to-use smart home devices, from smart plugs to thermostats, SwitchBot can help you find that sweet spot where comfort meets energy efficiency. Keeping your space chill and your power consumption in check might just be easier than you think—let’s explore how SwitchBot can help you stay cool and save energy this summer.

Optimal cooling: Air conditioning and fans together?

Finding balance with AC and fan use.

When the heat climbs, we turn to our trusted air conditioning or fans to cool down. But have you ever thought about using them in tandem for better energy conservation? Surprisingly, Energy.gov points out that the duo of fans and air conditioning can offer the most effective cooling experience.

Unexpected savings from dual cooling.

The instinct might be to assume that running two appliances at once could lead to higher electricity bills. However, research tells a different story. By syncing your fan with your AC, you can actually set your thermostat higher—by about 3-4°C (or around 4°F)—without sacrificing comfort. The ripple effect is that for every degree above 22°C (72°F), you could see up to a 3% reduction in air conditioning costs. Fans are cheaper to run than AC units, so the overall cost stays lower.

How air movement enhances cooling.

Here’s why this works: fans excel at circulating air much more efficiently than air conditioners. If you rely solely on an AC on a hot day, say when it’s 32°C (90°F) outside, you might crank it down to 21°C (70°F) to stay cool. Yet, the chill tends to linger near the unit, leaving you feeling warmer than you’d like.

Boosting cooling efficiency at home.

Remember how heat rises while cooler air sinks? Just having cold air isn’t enough if it doesn’t circulate. That’s where your fan comes in—it kicks that settled cool air into motion, pushing it in your direction. This not only ensures that the cooler air reaches you but also spreads evenly throughout your space. So, by combining a fan with your AC, you enhance the airflow, increase efficiency, and, as a bonus, keep those electricity bills in check. Pretty cool, right?

How to simplify your smart cooling strategy.

Prep your space for efficient cooling.

Feeling puzzled about how to get your home cooler without overworking your AC? Here’s an easy guide. Kick things off by setting your air conditioner’s thermostat a little higher than what you’re used to—around 4-5°F (3-4°C) above your comfort zone. So, if your sweet spot is at 70°F (21°C), bump it up to somewhere between 75°F and 78°F (24°C to 26°C).

Optimizing fan placement and speed.

Next, position your fan close to the air conditioner to help circulate that cooler air more effectively. The speed of the fan should match how warm it feels in the room—not necessarily what your thermostat reads.

hub2 smarthome switchbot

Matching fan speed to temperature needs.

It’s important to tweak the fan speed based on the actual room temperature. For those warmer afternoons, crank up the fan speed to create a breezier environment. As the evening cools down, slow the fan to avoid a chill and maintain a comfortable climate. Handy tools like a simple thermometer or fan remote can aid in getting this just right, or you could upgrade to a smart home device like SwitchBot Hub 2 for a more automated approach.

How to make your home smarter with SwitchBot Hub 2.

Auto-adjusting to hot and cold.

With SwitchBot Hub 2, you’ve got a savvy co-pilot in maintaining the ideal temperature. Equipped with an in-built sensor, Hub 2 detects the room’s temperature and uses infrared signals to adjust the fan accordingly:

  • When the temperature hits 85°F (29°C) or above, it switches the fan to high.
  • If the temperature dips to 75°F (24°C) or below, it turns the fan down to low.

Sleep tight knowing Hub 2’s got your back, keeping things steady and cozy all night long.

Easy, breezy cooling.

Got an AC that listens to an infrared remote? Perfect! Hook it up with Hub 2 for an energy-smart, eco-friendly way to keep your place cool. This clever setup does all the work – making sure you stay chill and your wallet stays happy. Cheers to cool savings and even cooler afternoons!

How to avoid overheating at home.

Keeping the little ones and pets safe from heat.

Heat sensitivity is a serious issue, especially for babies and furry friends. Infants can be at risk of heatstroke in just 10 minutes at 90°F (32°C), and pets are not far behind. That’s why it’s crucial to keep an eye on the temperature, not only for comfort but for the safety of your little ones and pets.

Smart ways to beat the heat.

Blasting the AC is one way to cool down, but who’s trying to empty their wallet? Save some cash and still beat the heat with easy fixes like drawing the curtains or letting some fresh air in. When things really start to sizzle, point a fan their way or wheel out the portable air conditioner to get that quick cold fix without going overboard.

Stay alert with instant temperature updates.

Keeping your home from turning into a sauna means catching those temp spikes before they happen. That’s where SwitchBot Indoor/Outdoor Thermo Hygrometer comes into play. Tiny but mighty, this gadget keeps an eagle eye on the thermometer and updates you every four seconds—so you’re always in the know.

Keep your cool with easy temperature tracking.

Pop these little temperature trackers wherever you think might get too hot or too cold—like the kitchen when you’re cooking up a storm, or the garage if it’s feeling more like a greenhouse. Link them up with your SwitchBot Hub 2 or Hub Mini, and boom—you’ve got real-time updates straight to your phone. If it starts getting too warm for comfort, a quick buzz from the app lets you jump into action and dial back the heat.

How to beat the heat by keeping sunlight out.

Did you catch that the sun can crank up the heat indoors by 10-15°F? Yep, it’s not just about needing sunglasses indoors; that sunlight beaming through can turn your place into an oven. Throw some shade—literally—and you’ll keep things way cooler, plus you’ll cut down on energy use.

Shading your space for cooler days.

Did you know that intense summer sunlight can heat objects in its path by an extra 10-15°F (6-10°C)? It’s not just about brightness; the heat from direct sunlight can significantly affect how hot your space feels. By casting some shade, you’ll not only cool down more efficiently but also save on energy.

Safeguard your interiors from sundamage.

Beyond comfort, those powerful rays can fade furniture and spoil food, which is why you often see “store in a cool, dry place” on labels. The right kind of shade can be your home’s shield against sun damage.

Smart shades for lazy days.

If you’re into making life easier, check out gadgets like SwitchBot Curtain or SwitchVot Blind Tilt. They’re like little robots that control your curtains and blinds for you. Thanks to their fancy light sensors, they know just when to let the sunshine in or block it out, keeping your home’s vibe perfectly chilled.

Customize your comfort and routine.

It’s all about cooling down without cramping your style. Love waking up with sunlight on your face? Or maybe you’re more of a blackout-curtain-till-noon type. Whatever your vibe is, you can set these smart shades to roll with your routine.

How to handle appliance usage when it’s hot.

Why your electric billjumps when it’s hot.

As the temperature soars, so might your electricity bills. In hot climates, you might notice these summer-specific reasons for increased costs:

  • The demand for energy shoots up, often bumping up prices.
  • People tend to stay in more, using their household appliances frequently.
  • Appliances may work harder and less efficiently in the heat.

Managing your energy hogs: Lights and fridge.

Air conditioners are known culprits for high energy use, but don’t overlook lighting and refrigeration. These essentials can also contribute to a hefty power bill. Efficient habits, like timely fridge maintenance and switching off lights when not needed, can lead to substantial savings.

What can smart plugs do for you?

Check your home's energy pulse with SwitchBot Plug Mini.

To get a handle on your home’s electricity use, try SwitchBot Plug Mini. It’s a small smart home device that packs a big punch—allowing you to monitor the power usage of connected devices like fans, lamps, fridges, and TVs from your smartphone. You can even review historical data to see which appliance is using how much energy and when.

Flip the off switch from anywhere to save cash.

Ever dashed out the door only to realize you’ve left something on? No need for a U-turn. With the Plug Mini, you can shut off power from anywhere through your phone, dodging unnecessary costs due to forgetfulness.

Smart responses for indoor comfort.

On top of managing your appliances, if it gets too warm inside and your pets are at risk, Plug Mini can be a lifesaver. Paired with SwitchBot Outdoor Meter, you can keep tabs on indoor temperatures. If things heat up, just hop on the app and turn on the fan for your pets, helping prevent heat-related discomfort or worse, heatstroke—all without being there in person. This intelligent approach to appliance management not only conserves energy but also provides peace of mind.