If you’re a young family that is living with children, health and safety is always a high priority in life, especially if it’s your first time round. So what can we do when children end up out of sight, to be able to ensure their safety? Especially when you’re a little busy with work, or other things at home.
Well, home automation is a new thing for you to consider if you are looking to take care of children, and it’s something that can work if implemented well. That’s where we come in…

Monitor your childerens safety, and protect their privacy.

Have energetic children? Do they usually end up bouncing around the home, taking risks at every turn and are a little bit too curious for their own good? Yeah, that was me too when I was younger, and I’ve got the scars to prove it. And I’ve forgotten how many times I’d been in A&E from doing things I probably shouldn’t have. Usually followed by:
“He was there one minute, and gone the next, I just turned my head for a few seconds…”
“It was all quiet, then I heard crying. When I went over he was already on the floor.”
“I’d always find him in unexpected places, doing things he probably shouldn’t be doing.”
When we are busy doing other things at home, our energy and vision is usually somewhere else, and we all know children don’t like to stay in one place for a long time, and you might not always want to be a party-pooper and stop them from having fun, so what can we do? Well, try SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam and Contact Sensor, and you’ll be able to keep a better eye on what they’re doing when you’re not physically there.
Should your child, be more of the kind who likes to explore areas of the home that could be a potential threat, such as balconies, kitchens and doorways, Pan/Tilt Cam can help monitor their movement thanks to its 360° viewing angle lens, which misses no corners, and can also help prevent things like that medicine box being emptied, or the detergent in the corner being spilled, or even stop that ice cream mysteriously going missing. And when used with Contact Sensor, after sensing the opening and closing of doors and windows (or even cabinets and refrigerators), Contact Sensor can send a push notification to your smartphone, and you can use Pan/Tilt Cam’s Two-way Talk function to call out to your child and stop them in time.

SwitchBot Contact Sensor

Now some of you reading this, might have children that are already at school. They might be a little bit more inclined to have an opinion when it comes to their privacy, and being monitored. And as parents, their right to privacy is something that needs to be addressed and respected. Pan/Tilt Cam can help you with this by using Privacy Masking to help turn your camera off automatically when you enter a specific space and a certain time. Great for privacy.

SwitchBot Pan Tilt Cam

Promote better habits when using electronic equipment.

For children who have too much free time, it is hard to resist the temptation of all those TV shows, video games, computers and… the list goes on. This makes it easy for kids to forget key parts of everyday life, like, eating, sleeping, and homework! As parents, it’s also a good idea to make children more aware of the damage long hours in front of TV and computer screens can do to our eyes to remind our children to cherish their eyesight, and also be responsible enough to ensure that children do not consume too much garbage via the TV.
So what can you to combat this? Obviously, it’s great to set boundaries, and one way to do that can be through time. Allowing children a specific set time during the day to watch TV or play games not only introduces routine, and discipline, but it also gives great boundaries and lets them know it can’t always be cartoons all day. SwitchBot Plug Mini is a great way to manage this, as it allows you to manage electronic devices at a specific time and even turn off the power at a fixed time too. It’s also handy for checking the status of an appliance when you’re not around, like when someone might turn on the TV when you’re not looking. And you can even turn off appliances remotely too.

SwitchBot Plug Mini

Help your child fall asleep and feel safe.

For infants and preschool children in their earlier stages of growth, sleep is particularly important for their development. Sleep quality can affect their physical, emotional and mental health. However, in some cases, when you finish a bedtime story or your child is ready for bed, you might be met with:
Mom, it’s dark. I’m afraid”
Mom, I don’t want to sleep yet”
For some children, the darkness might be a little daunting, and lights that are too bright might affect falling asleep, leading to poor sleep quality.
SwitchBot Color Bulb and Motion Sensor can help a lot. When you are telling a bedtime story, our smart bulb can match the color of any changeable light with music, making your story more immersive. And when your child is about to fall asleep, you can also adjust the light to be soothing and darker, so as to keep some form light on to comfort them, and then have it turn off at a certain time to save electricity.
Also, when some kids need to get up and go to the bathroom at night, it takes great courage for them to wake up in the dark. At this time, using SwitchBot Motion Sensor and installing it at the head or bottom of their bed, Motion Sensor will be able to sense their movement and automatically light up the way to the bathroom for them, to give a sense of security, and can also prevent them from bumping into objects in the dark.

SwitchBot Color Bulb

Let children play in a more comfortable environment.

Among the obvious behavioral safety mentioned above, there is also potential environmental safety risks, and this impact on children at home cannot be ignored. In some cases, if you don’t pay attention to your living environment, such as how cold or warm it is, and dryness, wetness, etc., it is easy for a child’s fragile immune system to face illness, which is something I’m sure many of you will worry about.
For example, in winter, due to the decrease in temperature, after turning on the heating, the moisture in the air gradually decreases, and the environment around us tends to become a lot drier. If indoor humidity is not properly adjusted, children are more prone to skin allergies, nosebleeding, and fevers caused by dryness.
Therefore, I recommend using SwitchBot Humidifier and Meter Plus to effectively monitor the indoor temperature and humidity. When our meter detects that your environment is too dry, it can help turn on your humidifier in advance to make the air moist. You can also get notifications when it’s too hot or cold, and can dress your child accordingly to help keep them warm to prevent illnesses like catching a cold etc.

SwitchBot Meter Plus

SwitchBot Smart Humidifier

You've made it this far, so here's a summary.

With the rapid development of smart home technology, we now have many choices to help make our lives more comfortable. Parents can use intelligent electronic devices to make home life safer for children and protect them. What’s more, it can also help with tiring and difficult tasks when taking care of children in a more efficient way. After all, being a parent isn’t easy.