Temperature and humidity are common in our lives, which directly affect our living environment. So keeping healthy needs to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity at home, but how do monitor the temperature and humidity in our home.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor affects Temperature and humidity at home.

Best WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for Indoor Living

What are Wifi thermometer and hygrometer sensor?

Smart Wifi thermometer and hygrometer sensor via App Control that lets you know indoor temperature and humidity at a glance. 

Best WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for Indoor Living

An Introduction to SwitchBot Meter Plus

SwitchBot Meter has just got bigger (but don’t worry, it’s still just as cute).

So what makes Meter Plus so much more, well, Plus? Let’s take a look below:

You can now monitor coolness, warmth, and humidity at a glance using our all-new 3-inch large screen that lets you see data in a way that’s clearer than our competitors, yeah, it’s now clearer, larger, and just oh so much better, which means you’ll be able to see temperature and humidity readings even if you’re short-sighted or looking at Meter Plus from far away.

Best WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for Indoor Living

What makes Meter Plus better?

Made with a high accuracy Swiss-made Sensirion3 chip, SwitchBot Meter Plus can detect temperature differences up to the nearest 0.1 ° C with a humidity difference of 1% RH, meaning you’ll be able to achieve higher accuracy than other thermo-hygrometers aimed for use at home.

Have a smart home that’s run on Alexa? Well, SwitchBot Meter Plus is also voice assistant compatible and you can check the temperature where your meter is located with intuitive voice commands.

What’s more, SwitchBot Meter Plus can be placed anywhere. It includes a hole for attaching/hanging to walls, a built-in magnet to help you attach your meter to refrigerators, a two-way folding stand to enable you to place Meter Plus on any flat surface, and even a metal plate that allows you to attach your meter to walls.

SwitchBot Meter Plus Helps your life even easier

That’s right, SwitchBot Meter Plus is here to make life even easier to handle and lets you have more control of the environment around you when it comes to temperature. And when paired with a SwitchBot Hub Mini you can even link up smart humidifiers, and smart plugs to keep your room automated and comfortable at all times.

Are you a wine enthusiast? Or have a greenhouse maybe that needs taking care of? Maybe you’re a first-time parent and need to keep an eye on your newborn, SwitchBot Meter Plus is perfect for all sorts of different occasions where you need to keep a close eye on the environment around you and make sure your data is clear at all times.

Best WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for Indoor Living

Making the most of the environment around you

One of our favorite things about Meter Plus is that you now have way more control over your temperature data, with local data storage that can record the last 68 days, you’ll be able to view historical temperature data via our app, and that’s not all.. when used with Hub Mini, we offer unlimited data storage via the cloud.

This means you can check your temperature data history whenever you want to stay on top of your environment and analyze trends either monthly or even annually when used with Hub Mini.

Why should I use Meter Plus?

Ever wake up with a dry throat in the morning and never thought about it? Over time, you may develop a constant cough which can affect personal health in the long run.

What about constantly forgetting to turn on the exhaust fan after taking a bath and suddenly one day finding your bathroom full of mold? Well, these are just a couple of reasons why you should use Meter Plus. Because it lets you understand your environment better.

There are still loads of amazing features that you can find with Meter Plus, such as temperature comfort emoji icons, the ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit (for all our US customers), and its simple and non-intrusive design.

Best WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor for Indoor Living


SwitchBot Meter Plus is sure to be loved by everyone looking to take more time to understand the environment around them, whilst also being able to intuitively control temperature and humidity, all using a well-designed, easy-to-install product that makes everything just so much more simple. 

Where to buy?

Meter Plus is now on sale and is available to buy via our official website here: Buy SwitchBot Meter Plus