If you’re renting out your place on Airbnb, you know how tricky it can be to manage keys and keep everything secure. That’s where SwitchBot Lock Pro comes in. It turns your regular lock into a smart lock quickly and easily. Imagine not needing physical keys because your guests can use their fingerprint or a code to get in. It works with Apple Home via Matter, making things super convenient for you. SwitchBot Lock Pro is all about making your life as an Airbnb host easier while keeping your place secure. Let’s take a closer look.

Best smart lock for your Airbnb – SwitchBot Lock Pro review

If you’re an Airbnb host, you know how important it is to keep your place secure while still making it easy for guests to get in and out. That’s where SwitchBot Lock Pro comes in handy. It’s packed with features that make life easier for both you and your guests, from simple setup to a variety of ways to unlock the door. Let’s take a closer look at what makes SwitchBot Lock Pro a great choice for your Airbnb.




Quick setup, no DIY skills needed

Diverse unlock options

15 different methods including fingerprints, voice control, remote unlock, passcodes, timed passcodes, NFC Tags, physical remote, smart watch, Bluetooth, etc.

Power supply

● Primary: 4 * AA batteries

● Secondary: SwitchBot rechargeable battery pack

Battery life

● Up to 270 days with AA batteries

● 365 days with Dual Power Pack

Battery cover

Magnetic for easy replacement

Fingerprint capacity

Can store up to 100 fingerprints

Recognition speed

Less than 0.3 seconds

Low battery notifications

App & email reminders when below 20%

Construction material

Aviation grade magnesium aluminum alloy


Detection of lock status, unlocked door alerts, AES-128 encryption

Cost savings

1/3 the cost of CR123A batteries

Enhanced usage

Reduces door knob turns by up to 7,300 annually

NFC compatibility

Works with SwitchBot Tag or compatible NFC Tag (sold separately)

Apple Home via Matter compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with smart home systems for even easier management.

SwitchBot Lock Pro keeps your place safe and gives your guests plenty of options for getting in, all without needing a bunch of technical know-how to set up. If you want to make your Airbnb more guest-friendly and secure without a lot of fuss, SwitchBot Lock Pro could be exactly what you need.

What makes SwitchBot Lock Pro great for Airbnb hosts?

Integrating SwitchBot Lock Pro into your Airbnb can make a big difference in how you manage your property and how guests enjoy their stay. This section will cover how the lock fits into daily operations, enhances the guest experience, and supports remote management capabilities.

Easy access for guests.

As an Airbnb host, your top priority is to provide a smooth experience for your guests from check-in to check-out. With SwitchBot Lock Pro, you can say goodbye to key exchanges. You can easily create access codes or fingerprints for your guests before they arrive. These can be permanent for repeat guests or timed to match the duration of their stay. With the option to store up to 100 fingerprints, every guest can have their own unique access without the risk of losing keys or compromising security.

Enhancing guest convenience.

Guests appreciate easy access to their temporary homes. The Quick Key function of SwitchBot Lock Pro allows them to enter with just one touch-a feature that’s especially convenient when they’re returning with shopping bags or luggage. Plus, with the option to use a passcode, guests don’t need to worry about their phone’s battery life or having a device on hand to gain entry. This hassle-free access not only impresses guests but also encourages positive reviews about their stay at your place.

Manage your Airbnb from anywhere.

Remote management is crucial for Airbnb hosts, especially those who manage multiple properties or live far from their rental units. SwitchBot Lock Pro comes with an app that sends notifications if the battery is low or if the door is left unlocked. You can also unlock the door remotely-ideal for letting in guests who arrive early or for service people doing maintenance work. All these features mean you’re always in control, no matter where you are, ensuring your property stays secure while also being welcoming to guests.

By using SwitchBot Lock Pro, Airbnb hosts can streamline their hospitality service, offering a blend of convenience, security, and modernity that today’s travelers expect and appreciate.

How long does SwitchBot Lock Pro battery last?

One of the key considerations for any smart device, especially those used in rental properties like Airbnb, is battery life and how easy it is to manage. SwitchBot Lock Pro offers features that address these concerns directly, ensuring that your property remains secure and accessible without constant maintenance.

Longevity – Up to 270 days on one charge.

SwitchBot Lock Pro runs on 4 x AA batteries, which can last up to 270 days (about 9 months) depending on usage. This long battery life means you won’t have to worry about changing batteries too frequently, a great advantage for busy Airbnb hosts. Compared to other battery types, like CR123A, AA batteries are more cost-effective and easier to replace, making SwitchBot Lock Pro not only convenient but also economical.

Innovative power solutions.

In addition to its impressive battery life, SwitchBot Lock Pro introduces innovative power solutions designed to further reduce maintenance and enhance reliability:

  • Dual power pack: This optional feature extends the battery life to 365 days by combining the power of two sets of batteries. It’s perfect for hosts who want peace of mind knowing their lock is always powered.
  • Relay power supply design: This design ensures that when one set of batteries runs low, the system automatically switches to the next set, providing uninterrupted operation. You never have to worry about the lock dying at an inopportune time.
  • Passive power supply: Even in the rare event that the batteries are completely drained, SwitchBotLock Pro has a passive power supply feature. This means you can temporarily power the lock to unlock the door, ensuring you’re never locked out.

With these features, SwitchBot Lock Pro prioritizes both longevity and ease of management, addressing one of the biggest hassles for smart device users-constant battery replacement. For Airbnb hosts, this means less downtime and more time focusing on providing the best experience for guests.

Is your Airbnb safe with SwitchBot Lock Pro?

Yes! SwitchBot Lock Pro is packed with features that boost security, giving hosts peace of mind about the safety of their property.

Automatic locking based on door status.

One cannot always rely on guests to remember to lock the door behind them, especially when they’re in vacation mode. SwitchBot Lock Pro’s Auto-lock feature takes care of this by automatically locking the door according to its status. This means if a guest or a cleaning service leaves the door unlocked, the system will detect it and secure the door.

Notifications and alerts system.

No host wants to be caught off guard by security issues. SwitchBot Lock Pro sends notifications and alerts directly to your smartphone:

  • Door unlocked notifications: If a door is left unlocked, you’ll get an alert. This feature is handy to prevent potential unauthorized access.
  • Local door left unlocked alerts: Sometimes doors don’t close properly due to weather or hurried guests. Lock Pro will alert you so you can take immediate action, even if you’re not on-site.
  • Unlock logs: Keep track of who enters and exits your Airbnb and when. Each entry is logged, which is essential for hosts to monitor the comings and goings of their property.
  • Low power alarms: You’ll receive a warning when the batteries are running low, ensuring you have ample time to replace them and keep your lock functioning smoothly.

Moreover, the AES-128 bank-level encryption secures the data transfer between your lock and your phone, ensuring that virtual keys remain in the right hands.

The combination of these proactive security measures means that as a host, you’re always informed and in control. Your guests can relax in your property, trusting that their belongings are safe while they explore. And should anything amiss occur, you’re only a notification away from being able to rectify the situation. With SwitchBot Lock Pro, both host and guest experiences are grounded in a secure foundation.

How easy is it to use SwitchBot Lock Pro?

SwitchBot Lock Pro isn’t just secure; it’s also highly versatile and accessible, making it a suitable option for hosts looking to accommodate a wide range of guests and their varied preferences. Below are the ways in which this smart lock demonstrates its adaptability:

The versatility of access options.

Every guest is different, with unique preferences for how they access their rental. SwitchBot Lock Pro caters to this diversity by offering multiple unlocking methods. Guests can use their fingerprint, a passcode, their smartphone, or even an NFC card to unlock the door. This versatility ensures that whatever the guest’s tech comfort level, there’s an access method that suits them.

Exploring the 15 different ways to unlock.

SwitchBot Lock Pro boasts no fewer than 15 different ways to unlock, ensuring maximum convenience for guests and hosts alike. Whether it’s a traditional key, a quick tap with an NFC tag, or a remote command via a smart home system, this lock is designed to offer ease of access in any scenario. For Airbnb hosts, this means you can tailor the entry process to fit each guest’s needs or preferences, potentially increasing satisfaction and the likelihood of a positive review.

Necessary additional hardware for certain functions.

While SwitchBot Lock Pro is packed with features, some functionalities require additional hardware. For instance, if you want to control the lock remotely through your smartphone, you’ll need SwitchBot Hub. If you opt for NFC-tag entry, you’ll need to purchase the compatible tags. It’s important for potential buyers to be aware of these requirements so they can plan accordingly and ensure they’re getting the most out of their smart lock system.

The accessibility and adaptability of SwitchBot Lock Pro make it an excellent choice for Airbnb hosts. It offers various options for property access, allowing hosts to provide a personalized experience for their guests. With the ability to cater to different preferences and the need for additional hardware for specific features, hosts have the flexibility to customize their setup as they see fit.

Choose easy and safe access with SwitchBot Lock Pro.

When it comes to choosing the best smart lock for your Airbnb, SwitchBot Lock Pro is a clear winner. Here’s why this lock is a top pick for hosts and guests alike:

  • Easy to use: Guests can get in with just their fingerprint or a quick tap, and it works with Apple Home too. No more lost keys!
  • Long battery life: The lock has special batteries that last a long time, so hosts don’t have to worry about changing them often.
  • Keeps things safe: It locks itself, sends alerts if something’s up, and uses strong encryption to keep the bad guys out.
  • Works for everyone: With 15 different ways to unlock, guests can choose what’s easiest for them. Some methods might need extra stuff, though.

If you’re ready to elevate your Airbnb with unmatched convenience and security, make the switch to SwitchBot Lock Pro. Don’t wait – upgrade your property today and give your guests the seamless experience they deserve with SwitchBot Lock Pro.

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