Picking the best humidor hygrometer is important for every cigar enthusiast. A good humidor is a perfect way of keeping the cigar in great condition and ready for use. It keeps your cigar within the right level of humidity by evaporating water. Nevertheless, picking the finest humidor is half the struggle. Fortunately, SwitchBot brings you SwitchBot Meter Plus, which is regarded as the best and latest technology for humidors. The model allows you to monitor temperature and humidity all at a glance using their all-new smart meter.

Our smart meter follows a peculiar design by having a 3-inch LCD display to enable users to get accurate readings easily. This model is cost-effective, and it is powered by a small battery, which ought to be monitored for replacement once it dies. Our smart gadget comes with a durable stand and a magnet to allow you to place it anywhere for easy viewing, so you don’t need adhesive backing to mount it. For instance, you can mount your Smart Meter on the refrigerator when cooking in the kitchen, stick it on your bedside table when you’re using it in the bedroom, or place it on the outdoor table when you’re having a good time outside.

Best digital hygrometer for humidors - place the meter anywhere

SwitchBot Meter Plus is a compact and user-friendly model. It’s cheap, with a typical set going for $14.99. It displays humidity and temperature readings in large and clear figures, in understandable units. The attractive model is popular, and thousands of pieces have been sold. So ensure you purchase the best deal. It’s built for SwitchBot Ecosystem, implying it’s compatible with other SwitchBot smart devices. Besides, the product allows users to get real-time notifications and reminders regarding indoor temperature and humidity.

Best digital hygrometer for humidors - get notified in time

While our smart device is clever and cheap, it’s designed and fabricated as an internal hygrometer and thermometer. It’s worth purchasing and using, as it performs other duties such as:

  • Guarantee your baby’s safety: SwitchBot Meter Plus is placed in the baby’s room to monitor indoor temperature and humidity levels. This is significantly useful for sensitive infants.
  • Helps you stay green: SwitchBot Meter Plus is placed in greenhouses to keep track of greenhouse temperature and humidity. Maintaining the conditions within the optimum levels offers crops the proper environment to thrive.
  • Suitable for your bedroom: Using smart alerts, SwitchBot Meter Plus notifies you when your ideal room temperature for comfortable living is out of range by automatically switching on the air conditioner. This way, it creates an ideal bedroom environment for sleep. Also, your clever device records temperature and humidity in real-time.

Get the best digital hygrometer for humidors SwitchBot Meter Plus to monitor the conditions inside the breeze. Give your cigar the best conditions, and make it age indefinitely to offer you the best.