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SwitchBot’s CEO talks about ancient proverbs, and never giving up. 

Early smart home products were expensive and complex to operate, and Connery was shocked that automating a switch at the time was quite a complex thing, and so, he decided to take this as an opportunity to start SwitchBot. Starting with the development of a finger robot that can press a switch for you remotely, the brand SwitchBot was launched in 2016.

Home Automation

Santa, this year there’s no need to come through the chimney! 

We received a cute little letter and some drawings from America, aged 5, who lives in Boston. With the help of his Mom we thought we’d share it with you here to show you how some of our younger users are getting ready for the holiday season with their parents. What a cutie! This time of the year is a perfect excuse to introduce smart homes to those around you, no matter what age they are.

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