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Smart home|How to start your smart home 

When we talk about the smart home, many people think that it is not a simple smart home solution, but it’s actually simpler than we thought. You haven’t started preparing for how to take care of your home whilst you’re away, now is the time to start. Especially when it comes to smart devices and home assistants. We’ve got them comin’ out our eyeballs, and you can find out more below to see just exactly how you can prepare for springtime.

Home Automation

What exactly is a smart switch 

What exactly is a smart switch? So recently, there’s been a few posts floating around on Reddit sharing interesting and unorthodox ways in which users have been using SwitchBot Bot in everyday life. What is SwitchBot Bot? One we loved the most featured a user who installed SwitchBot Bot inside their car to help stop the function that automatically turns off the car’s engine when coming to a halt whilst the car is still running. This smart switch-related video caused a ton of people on Reddit to come out and see what all the fuss was about, and with 34.1k views and 3.7k comments, the post became infamous on this forum’s platform.

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