Been thinking about trying smart locks at home, but have been a little worried about how safe they are? Or maybe fingerprint recognition is getting you down in the dumps, what about running out of battery? Data privacy? Well look no further, it’s all here below. Take a minute and read a little about SwitchBot Lock and just how it can make home life even safer (and more convenient).

“While smart locks are very convenient and can increase your home security, it’s important to remember that they’re not perfect. They are better than standard physical locks, but they require more attention and security measures to make sure that they don’t become compromised.”

Helps you automatically lock your doors.

Seem to find yourself always forgetting to lock your door when you go out? Well, SwitchBot Lock is able to automatically lock itself when closed, and will even send out notifications to notify you should your door be left ajar.

Easily identify fake fingerprints using Keypad Touch.

Keypad Touch uses the same type of fingerprint technology that a lot of iPhone users might be familiar with, and can also prevent fake/false fingerprints from opening your door thanks to semiconductor fingerprint recognition, a biometric fingerprint recognition algorithm, and biological fingerprint recognition. A lot of which you’ll also see in the finance industry.

So what do these 3 things do exactly? Well, the biometrics fingerprint recognition algorithm that we use is made by a Swedish manufacturer, and this algorithm is more accurate than others that we’ve found on the market for consumers with a recognition rate as high as 98%. Moving on from this, the semiconductor fingerprint recognition we’ve included helps collect more delicate fingerprint details, which is much safer than using an optical fingerprint module. And finally comes our biometric fingerprint identification module, which uses certain behavioral characteristics of the human body to identify who is using Keypad Touch, sensing various physiological characteristics such as finger temperature, grain, blood flow, etc., rather than just performing a simple identification process.

SwitchBot smart locks_keypad touch

Anti-peeping technology prevents passcode leakage.

Keypad Touch also includes anti-peeping technology, which allows you to enter a 20-digit password to unlock your door using any combination of numbers as long as 6 consecutive digits are the same as your password. Using this, there’s no need to be afraid of neighbors taking a sneak peek at your passcode when opening your door, and you’ll be able to enter your passcode without looking like you just withdrew thousands of dollars at the bank. Besides, the Keypad Touch protects you against wrong passcode input. It will auto-lock itself after 5 incorrect passcode entries and will send you a notification via our app to let you know what’s up.

SwitchBot smart locks_a better way to protect passcode privacy

Real-time alerts and notifications, all in the palm of your hand.

This really gives you total control over your door. You’re now able to know who enters your door, and when they’ve entered, all through record logs stored via our app. And should someone keep entering the wrong passcode, SwitchBot Keypad Touch will lock out and you’ll receive an alert.

SwitchBot smart locks_real-time notifications

AES-128 encryption technology helps protect your personal data.

A lot of you tend to ask this question, especially on social media. In regards to personal data, all of your fingerprint data is stored locally on your device and is not uploaded to the cloud to help prevent the unwanted leakage of your biological information; what’s more, our devices use AES-128 encryption technology to encrypt data used between SwitchBot Lock in the whole process of storage, transmission, and reading, thus ensuring your data is safe at all times.

SwitchBot smart locks_bank-grade securely

Includes built-in alarms to help prevent theft.

Well, we hope this never happens, but should someone try to remove your keypad via force when it’s attached to your door, Keypad Touch will emit an alert directly from the device using sound and a flashing red light, as well as sending you push messages via email to let you know something has happened*. *SwitchBot Hub Mini required.

Get battery alerts to make sure you’re never left stuck.

Worried about batteries running out? Being stuck outside in the rain? Or maybe just the feeling that you’ll never, ever, get inside your own home ever again? Nah, just kidding, that’s unlikely to happen. When your device battery only has 20% left, you’ll be notified via our app, and every time you open your door you’ll also get a low battery notification sent straight from your SwitchBot Lock in the form of a wonderful little beeping noise. If you’re looking to find out more regarding how SwitchBot Lock works with batteries and the like, you can check out this link here for more information.

A little summary.

SwitchBot Lock, it doesn’t affect your original door in any way, shape, or form. But it also allows you to enjoy the same things you’d expect from any other smart home, and can increase your home security the same way a smart lock would too. And hey, guess what? It’s also a Red Dot Design 2022 award winner, pretty awesome right? There are also some amazing reviews for you guys to check out from The Verge, How-to Geek, and 9to5 Google to get an even better picture from the outside world as to what SwitchBot Lock is really like.

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SwitchBot smart locks_the simplest refrofit smart lock solution