In the first quarter of this year, we launched our new generation 4-in-1 smart home hub – SwitchBot Hub 2. With Hub 2, your SwitchBot Curtain, and SwitchBot Blind Tilt are Matter compatible, without the need to replace your original devices, meaning you can experience Matter without any extra cost.
And this time round, we’ve got more good news. Another heavy-weight member will also support Matter through Hub 2, read on to find out more…
Thanks to Matter, SwitchBot Lock can finally be controlled in HomeKit, something that a lot of you have been longing for! So let’s take a look now, at what we can all expect.

You decide how to unlock. Yup, it’s up to you.

Previously, we were all searching for keys to get back home, but now… It’s all done via an app.

Use it, it’s convenient!

After a hard day’s work, as you drag yourself home, tired, most of us want to get a foot through the door as soon as possible and enjoy our comfortable (and probably cool) living environment, but with all those apps, it can be quite annoying when you get to your door and you’re still fumbling around with your phone, just like you used to look for keys. Now, with SwitchBot Lock supporting HomeKit through Hub 2’s Matter functionality, you don’t have to look for apps at all, just navigate to your iPhone control center and click to unlock.

Going out for a jog? Phone pulling down your pants!? No more!

Use it, it’s convenient!

Imagine this, you put on your sports pants and sportswear, you’re ready to go out for a jog, just opened the door and saw your smart lock on the door, only to remember that you’ve forgotten to bring your phone out with you… but wait! Think about your phone bouncing up and down in your pocket during your run, could be your sweatpants’ worst nightmare, oh how sad. Well, actually, you don’t have to bring your iPhone with you at all, and you can still unlock and open your door. After SwitchBot Lock supports HomeKit through Hub 2, you can directly use the Home app with an Apple Watch to control your home’s lock. So relax and enjoy your exercise!

Playing games? Delivery arrived?

Keep blasting Zombies and let your Pizza make its way to you.

Still blasting your way through level 99? Almost there? But wait… Your delivery arrived. This could be life-changing… do you quit your game and go get your delivery, or continue playing and let your pizza get colder than the North Pole? Actually, there is no need to even have to choose at all, you can just say “Hey Siri, unlock my front door!” and then click on your iPhone notification to open your door. Games are good, delivery is also good, having both at the same time? Well, that’s not just good, it’s great.

Take control of your home lock security.

Did I lock the door? I think I did…. Or did I?

Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

You rushed out of the house in the morning, just got on the subway, and felt a thud in your heart. “Did I forget to lock the front door?” You start to recall all the details of how you left the house, but you can’t remember clearly. Don’t worry, now you’ll always know! Just simply open the Home app and check your lock status at a glance. Say bye-bye to your doubts and hello to peace of mind. Of course, if you use SwitchBot Lock’s auto-lock function, you may not even need to look (wink, wink).

You’re already lying down to sleep, not counting sheep, but wondering… Is my door locked?

Well, wonder no more!

You put your phone on the bedside table, turn off the lights, tuck yourself in bed, and lie down comfortably. Then the thoughts start kicking in.. Did I lock the door when I came back from throwing out the trash at night? Am I going insane? Previously you might turn to the side, fumble for your phone on the bedside table, and then turn on your phone in the dark. Let your smartphone screen light ruin your sleep state? No thanks! Actually, you just say “Hey Siri, is my front door locked?” And Siri will help you check if you locked the door through SwitchBot Lock. Nice!

Have to manually pull the curtains when you get home? It’s time to protect your privacy.

Try it, the kind that doesn’t require hands!

The first thing you do when you get home from work probably is to lock the door, and then pull the curtains, right? Well, now you don’t have to bother. SwitchBot Curtain, Blind Tilt, and Lock all support HomeKit through Matter. You can set devices up so that when you get home, the curtains will automatically close for you when your door lock opens. Enabling you to free your hands and relax on the couch as soon as you get home.

Going to sleep, have to manually pull the curtains and lock the door?

Try it, the kind that only requires a word!

You’re already lying in bed, but you’ve just realized that your lights are still on, your curtains are not pulled, and your door is not locked. Are you ready to get out of bed and turn off the lights? No freakin’ way … Well now all you need to do is just say “Hey Siri, good night.” And you can do all of this directly through the Home app. Of course, if you have a regular schedule set, you can also use the timer function to automatically lock and pull the curtains and a specific time every day too.

What will be next?

Since Matter was born, we have been thinking about how to let everyone experience HomeKit in the most economically friendly way possible. Fortunately, we found a solution – SwitchBot Hub 2. With Hub 2, you can make your SwitchBot Bluetooth products support Matter without replacing them, and then experience them all with HomeKit. We are also working hard to make other SwitchBot Bluetooth products support Matter, so stay tuned!

Setup is also very simple!

You can directly refer to our FAQ page, or watch our How-to videos when looking to get set up.

Please note:

You will need:
  • App Version:7.3 or above
  • Hub 2 Firmware Version:10-08 or above
  • Lock Firmware Version:6.5 or above
  • During the testing process, you may find that Google Home’s support for Matter is not complete yet. When adding to Google Home via the Matter portal, and using Google Assistant voice to unlock, it will appear that your lock can be unlocked without a voice password.
  • During the Matter beta phase, only up to 6 SwitchBot Bluetooth devices can be added to the Home app.
  • Due to HomeKit security requirements, Hub 2 may not be added successfully to the Home app when using public Wi-Fi. It is recommended to use personal Wi-Fi.
  • SwitchBot Lock, Blind Tilt and Curtain products need to be calibrated in advance on the SwitchBot app as Apple Home does not support this function. To make sure your devices are working correctly, please calibrate via our app first.
  • You will need a home hub to control your Hub 2 and its secondary devices via third-party smart home platforms. Remember that your Home Hub and your SwitchBot Hub 2 should be on the same Wi-Fi network. For example, in Apple Home, you will need a HomePod or Apple TV as a Home Hub. Your HomePod’s software version should be 16.1 or above.
  • To add your Hub 2 across different smart home platforms, you can simply use the sharing code or QR code found in the relevant platform you are looking to use.
  • Not all third-party smart home platforms support Matter. Please check relevant information on official websites.
So what are you waiting for? Start playing with SwitchBot Lock in HomeKit now!